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5 Objections to Marketing Your Diesel Repair Shop Online (And Why They Shouldn't Bother You)

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Yes. We've talked about marketing your repair shop online before. We've given you reasons why and ways to do it. And by now, you've more than likely come up with a list of reasons why it won't work for your shop.

Well, so have we. 

We've pulled together 5 excuses business owners cite for not including internet marketing as part of their overall strategyand we've countered them! In the end, we think it's a valuable way to grow your business. Read on to learn our answers to common objections about internet marketing. You'll see why it's a strategy we recommend you consider!


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1. No One Clicks on Ads

You scroll past ads. Everyone scrolls past ads. 


If that were true, would we still be seeing ads every time we search for something online? Doubtful.

As I'm sure you know, people don't like to pay for things that don't work. Yet we continue to see sponsored posts on our social media and product advertisements are the first results in our internet searches. So businesses must be getting some bang for their buck.

And we're not the only ones who think so. Business Marketing Blog put together a list of 10 reasons to use paid search marketing that's worth a read if you're hesitant about paying for online advertising.

HubSpot wrote an article specifically on Google ads, and they cite that oftentimes advertisers make $8 for every $1 spent on ads, so there's definitely money to be made. They also point out that while you might not be paying for ads online, your competitors probably are. This means that even if you're showing up high on a search page, your competitor's ads will still show up above you. 

Don't you want to be the first name prospective customers see? 


2. But I'm a Local BusinessI Don't Need to Reach Everyone

At first glance this seems like a fair objection. Why waste time or energy advertising to people who will never come to your shop because they don't live in your area? 

But that's really limiting yourself. 

By staying active online, keeping your website up-to-date, and making sure your location information is accurate and easy for search engines to read, you're reminding them that you're there. 

A lot of times people immediately turn to the internet to find what they need. Your goal should be to show up at the top of the results when someone searches "diesel repair shop near me." This means your shop will be shown to potential customers who are in your areaand who otherwise wouldn't know you exist. If you don't focus on this, you'll lose out on profit simply because people won't know your shop is there. 

So make sure you're asking customers for reviews and that you've claimed your business on review sites. It can only help your overall visibility.


3. I Don't Have Time to Focus on Internet Marketing

Whether it's learning the skills to set up paid ads or sitting down to write a blog post, it might seem like it would take all your time to successfully market your shop online. And it will take some of your timebut not as much as you might think.

For example, once you've learned how to do it, ads are fairly easy to set up and monitor. And keep in mind that in order to grow your shop, you need to make sure you're reinvesting in it. This includes investing your time to learn new skills that will help your business profit in the long run.

It's also possible to outsource some aspects of it. Depending on your budget, you could hire an advertising agency to run your paid ads or other aspects of your digital marketing for you. You'd just want to closely monitor your ROI to ensure they're getting you the return you need to benefit from their service. 

You could also look at hiring a freelancer to take on some of the work of your digital marketing strategy. You can find people who will do a whole range of services, like blog writing, ad management, and other content creation. By creating a listing on a freelancing website, you can fairly easily connect with someone who can get the job done. 

Involving other members of your team could relieve some of the time pressure as well, depending on their skill set. You just need to think about what is going to work best for your shop.


4. It's Hard to Track ROI

In this data-driven digital age, there are numbers attached to everything. It's arguably way easier to track ROI on money spent on paid ads than it is on traditional direct mail marketing. You can see exactly where your dollars are going and what you're getting from them. This allows you to analyze what's working and changes things up that aren't performing well.

The main problem might be that there's too much data, rather than not enough. But if you decide on what metrics you want to track and focus on those, you should be able to avoid data overload. 


5. People Aren't Looking Online for Repair Shops

The internet has changed the way people make their buying decisions. Where before they might have gone to the shop they drove past all the time, now the customer is going to research online to find the shop that has the best reviews, the best prices, and the hours that match their schedule. They want the best, and they're trusting the internet to help them find it. 

So you can't assume that people aren't searching for repair shops online. They are. And they want to know that they're trusting their repairs with an expert. You need to build yourself up as the expert that they're looking for. 

Your website can help with this. Feature your expert technicians. Write blog articles with repair tips and maintenance suggestions. Help potential customers see that you truly are the best at what you do. Not only will this get them in your door, but it will also help you to build customer loyalty. 


As you building your marketing strategy for your diesel engine repair shop, we encourage you not to ignore the value of internet marketing. It's a valuable resource that's not going awayand it gives you a great opportunity to increase your profits. Don't just rely on traditional forms of marketing. Explore new options to help your shop reach your growth goals!


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