HHP Spotlight: About the DD15 Detroit Diesel Rebuild Kit



You asked for it, and we've got it! The Detroit Diesel DD15 inframe overhaul kit is here at Highway & Heavy Parts, and it is ready for you! Watch our video for more details!

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With this kit, you get the benefit of aftermarket innovation. As we go into in The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Engine Rebuild Kits, it may take aftermarket manufacturers longer to produce these parts because of patent restrictions. But when they do, they have an opportunity to make the parts better, solving problems from the original engine. Find out more about these innovations below!

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Included in This Kit

As we mentioned, this kit is going to have all the latest design updates that you're looking for on your DD15 to do an overhaul. You're going to have the one-piece, forged steel, high-performance, monotherm piston. 




And let us tell you, this piston is heavy duty!

You're also going to get the latest design cylinder liner with the anti-polish ring. That's going to keep your piston from building up carbon around the rings. It's the carbon scraper ring. 

This kit has everything you need to overhaul your engine, including the upper gasket set. This means everything you need to take the head off and put it back on again, including all new head bolts.

Not sure if you can reuse your old head bolts? If they're Torque-to-Yield bolts, damaged, or stretched, the answer is no. And worn head bolts can affect gasket install, leading to leaks and other engine damage. Read our blog on reusing head bolts to learn more!

You're also going to get a lower end bearing kit, rod bearings, main bearings, and thrust bearings. Also included are some of those small incidentals that you don't think about all the time. You're going to get a set of piston cooling nozzles, and the kit even comes with the water transfer tubes. 

This is a very complete kit, with everything you need to complete an inframe overhaul on your DD15.


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