HHP Spotlight: About the Cummins ISX Inframe Rebuild Kit

Eventually, no matter how reliable, your diesel engine is going to need to be rebuilt. Which leads to today's product spotlightan in-chassis overhaul kit for your Cummins ISX. It's going to come with everything you need to do an in-chassis overhaul on your ISX.

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What's in This Rebuild Kit?


cummins isx inframe overhaul kit contents | Highway & Heavy Parts


This kit is going to come with all the replacement parts you need to do an in-chassis overhaul on your ISX!

Starting at the top of the engine, you're going to get a complete head gasket set, which is everything you need to take that head off and put it back on. It's going to come with the head gasket, the intake, the exhaust, the EGR gasket, all the cam sealseverything you need to complete the job. 

You're also going to get forged steel monotherm pistons. These pistons come with wrist pins and retainers. You're going to have brand new ring seats, and those updated anti-polish ring liners. You'll also get with the liner seals. 

This kit is also going to come with a complete lower end bearing kityour rod bearings, your main bearings, your thrust bearings, everything you need to replace all the bearings on the lower end. 

You'll also get an oil pan gasket set, which gives you everything you need to take the oil pan off and put it back on again. 


Benefits of this ISX Inframe Rebuild Kit

One of the best things about this in-chassis overhaul kit is that it's an update from what your engine was built with. You're going to get diesel engine parts that have improved upon the original designincluding the latest designed pistons and liners. 

One of the biggest problems with the ISX has been carbon packing. The EGR system puts a lot of carbon into the combustion chamber, which leads to carbon buildup around the pistons. This sometimes packs those piston rings so tight that they can't seal the cylinder liner any more. And sometimes it affects the side of the piston, rubbing up and down on the liner and polishing the ring, which rubs the crosshatch right out of that liner. 


apr anti polish ring pistons Cummins ISX | Highway & Heavy Parts


The new piston and liner combination is going to be put together in such a way that every time the piston comes up to the top of its travel, it travels through the anti-polish ring. This knocks the carbon off the piston, helping you to go another million miles with your Cummins ISX engine.

Another great feature of the ISX inframe overhaul kit is that it's going to come with a two-year parts and labor warranty, so you don't have to worry!

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