HHP Spotlight: About the Caterpillar C13 Diesel Engine Rebuild Kit


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If your Caterpillar C13 needs a rebuild, we've got a great kit for you! 

At Highway & Heavy Parts, we're known for providing quality aftermarket diesel engine parts and overhaul kits, and in the Caterpillar world, we're known for anything from the C7 to C15, C16, and even the C18. 

But today we're going to focus in on the rebuild kit for the C13. For an in depth look at this kit, check out our video:



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After a rebuild, we're sure you're going to want your engine to keep running for miles to come. Check out our 5 Tips to Help Your Diesel Engine Live Longer


What's in the Caterpillar C13 overhaul kit?

High-performance, friction-welded, forged-steel piston

One of the coolest things about this kit is this high-performance, friction-welded, forged-steel piston. This thing is an engineering marvel! 


caterpillar c13 rebuild kit pistons friction welded | Highway & Heavy Parts


It starts life as two pieces, and in order to keep this forged steel crown cool in operating conditions, it needs to have some cooling. So what happened is they got a channel cut in the upper and a channel cut in the lower, and when they friction weld this thing together, it creates a passage through the inside of the piston that the piston cooling nozzle sprays. This keeps the piston crown the perfect temperature. 

This piston is super heavy-duty. It's got graphite-coated skirts for abrasion resistance. So it's state-of-the-art.


Just what you want to keep your engine running at its peak.


Other components

This kit also includes:

  • Induction hardened liners
  • Ring sets
  • Liner seals
  • Wrist pins and retainers
  • Complete lower end bearing kit
    • Rod bearings
    • Main bearings
    • Thrust bearings

And, depending on which kit you choose, we've got this in both inframe and out-of-frame. So, for your KCB, LEE, and JAM serial number engines, we've got it either way. 


Inframe vs. Out-of-frame

Not sure which kit to chose? We can help you out!

If you're just doing an overhaul and leaving the engine in the truck, choose the inframe. It's going to get you a complete head gasket set and a pan gasket set. That's all the diesel parts you're going to need to do an inframe overhaul. 

But if you've got front cover leaking, or you need to replace an oil cooler, or the bell housings has to come off, you're going to want choose the out-of-frame kit. This will get a complete engine gasket set. That's going to be all the replacement parts you need to take that engine completely apart, reseal it, and put it back together again. This gets it ready to go another million miles. 

Need more information on how to choose the right kit for your repair? Check out our blog, How to Choose an Engine Rebuild Kit.


Organizing Your Diesel Engine Repair

Let's face it, doing an engine overhaul is a big job with a lot of different parts. 

We want to make it easier for you!

What helps make this kit so nice is the way the gasket set is laid outyou know where you need to go get your gaskets when you're putting it together. 


caterpillar c13 rebuild kit individual organized packets gasket | Highway & Heavy Parts


This thing is laid out in individual packages so you know when you've got the air compressor set, the central and lower set, the front cover gasket, the fuel system set, and the cylinder head set. It's going to come with oil cooler gaskets, oil pump gaskets, the rear cover, the turbo installation set, and the water pump set. All are clearly labelled to save you time and improve your efficiency.


So there you have the lowdown on this C13 rebuild kit. We've put together a list of common diesel engine problems to help you determine if your engine is giving you problems. 

Not the kit for you? We have a wide selection of rebuild kits for a range of engine applications. 


Let us help you get the right kit! We have ASE Certified Techs who can help make sure you're getting the best rebuild kit for the job. Call them at 844-304-7688, or request a quote online.

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