About the Caterpillar C15 ACERT Diesel Engine Inframe Rebuild Kit




We've highlighted several different rebuild kits in the past, and today we're going to focus on an in-chassis kit for a C15 acert

This kit is going to fit engines with serial number prefixes BXS, NXS, and MXS in the 600-625 horsepower range. (If you need help finding your ESN, check out our blog, Caterpillar Diesel Engine Serial Numbers!)



If you're looking for a diesel engine rebuild kit, call our ASE Certified Technicians. They can help you find the right kit for your application!

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But how do you know if you need a rebuild? We've put together some commons signs that your engine might be in need of an overhaul. They include: 

  • Power Loss - This could be from fuel contamination, filter problems, injector issues, or a leak.
  • Poor Fuel Economy - This might point to a leak, camshaft problems, or poor driving habits, among other things.
  • Excessive Oil Consumption - Many things can be the root cause of excessive oil consumption, but it often manifests as leaking or burning oil.
  • Knocking - These sounds might be caused by compression issues, faulty fuel injectors, timing issues, failed bearings, or a failed wrist pin. 
  • Compression Issues - This issue might also be caused by a leak, a blown head gasket, problems with your cam, a broken timing belt, or you may have a hole in your piston or cylinder.
  • Smoking - There are a lot of things that can cause smoke. Look for faulty injectors or injector pump; bad air filter, EGR, or turbo; carbon build-up; poor combustion; wear in your valve guides, seals, or power assemblies, among other things.

For more details on these symptoms, check out our blog at the link above.


Components of This CAT C15 Inframe Kit

 This kit includes all of the high quality components you need to get the job done!




It's going to come complete with an upper gasket set, which is everything you need to take the head off and put the head back on again. This includes the injector o-rings and your turbo installation set. All in all, it's a very complete gasket set. 




With this kit, you're also going to get those high-performance, forged-steel, monotherm pistons. They have a 17 to 1 compression ratio for those high horsepower, high-performance engines. 

Included as well are six ring sets that include the heavy haul top ring, six liners, and liner seals.




And you'll get your complete lower end bearing kityour rod bearings, your main bearings, and your thrust bearings.




Need to take off your pan? You can do it with the complete pan gasket set in this kit! It comes with everything you need to get the job done right!


Benefits of the Inframe Kit for the CAT C15 ACERT

So what makes this kit so special?

Ironically, based on feedback we get from our customers, we're seeing that a lot of guys are actually using this kit on engines it wasn't originally intended for. We mean those lower horsepower C15 ACERTs. Guys that do single turbo conversions like the 17 to 1 compression piston when they're building high horsepower. So this kit would work in a situation like that.

You're also going to get the benefits of buying an aftermarket kit as opposed to one from the OEM. That means you'll be saving 30-50% off the OEM price, and odds are you're getting a better warranty too!

And you aren't even sacrificing quality! Our kits meet or exceed OEM standardsso you're getting the same or better parts at a lower price. It doesn't get much better than that!

Need more convincing on the OEM vs aftermarket debate? Read The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Engine Rebuild Kits.


If you're not sure if you need a Re-Ring, Inframe, or Out-of-Frame kit, be sure to take a look at our blog, How to Choose an Engine Rebuild Kit.


Need replacement parts for your diesel engine? Our ASE Certified Techs can be reached at 844-304-7688, or you can request a quote online. From diagnosis through delivery, we're Highway & Heavy Parts!

Edited August 30, 2019