Exploring PurePower Diesel Engine Turbochargers


Are you looking for a great turbo for your diesel engine? Here at HHP, we're excited to carry the line of PurePower diesel turbos! 

Not sure why one of these turbos might be the best fit for your engine? We dive into the details and let you know why we're so fired up about these turbochargers!

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Benefits of the PurePower Turbochargers

Benefits? Have we got some benefits for you! 

  • Warranty: You want peace of mind? These turbos come with a 36 month warranty. That's 3 years! Significantly longer than what you'll find at the OEM. 
  • Balancing: The turbos are put through an extensive balancing process. It's a two-plane balancing, meeting or exceeding OEM specification. They're also going to replace all the wear components (your oil slingers and bearings, for example).
  • End of Line Testing: These turbos are put through complete end of line testing, meaning they're run up to ensure it's performing as it's intended. Once they're installed, these bad boys are ready to go!
  • Performance:  Power? Reliability? Efficiency? PurePower turbochargers have all three! You're getting factory quality and performance at up to 50% off OEM pricing. They also include calibrated electronic and pneumatic actuators. And they're remanned to OEM specifications.
  • Construction: You don't have to worry about construction quality with these, either. These turbochargers from PurePower are built in a quality-certified IATF16949 facility.


What diesel turbos from PurePower do we carry? 

Wondering if we have a turbo from PurePower Technologies that will fit on your diesel engine? Here is a sampling of some of the products we carry:




purepower turbo duramax lml turbocharger | Highway & Heavy Parts


If you need to replace your worn out Duramax turbo, take a look at this option. Like the other PurePower turbos we carry, it is manufactured in a quality certified facility to ensure proper engine fitment and function.

And if you're worried about fitment, our on-staff ASE Certified Technicians can help you find the right fit for your engine. All you have to do is call!

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pure power turbo gm 6 6l duramax lmm turbocharger 2007-2010 | Highway & Heavy Parts


This turbo is quality you can count on! As we mentioned, it's put through rigorous testing, to ensure that you're getting only the best quality replacement parts for your diesel engine. With the calibrated electronic and pneumatic actuators, this turbo isn't going to let you down!






This turbo has been put through its paces! We're talking unique end-of-line testing, automated error-proof high-volume assembly, and in-house validation tests on a heavy-duty engine dyno. No sub-par turbochargers here!


Common Turbo Problems and Failures

 Your turbocharger is directly related to power and efficiency and you want it to be running at its best! If you think something is wrong, but aren't sure what to look for, here are some common problems you might need to address:


  • Compressor Side Leaks: This can occur because of plugged air cleaners or excessive crankcase pressure.
  • Turbine Side Leaks: Leaks on this side can be caused by excessive crankcase pressure, drain line restriction, and valve guide seals or piston ring failure.
  • General Failures: A damaged compressor or turbine wheel could cause this failure, or you could have turbo bearing failure. 


For more information on these failures, check out our blog, Common Turbo Problems and Failures.


Want more information on these turbos, or any other diesel engine part? Call our ASE Certified Techs at 844-304-7688, or you can request a quote online

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