HHP Spotlight: What's in a Perkins Diesel Engine Overhaul Kit?


perkins 404c 22 overhaul rebuild kit | Highway & Heavy Parts


You probably recognize Highway & Heavy Parts for our quality aftermarket products in the Class 8 truck engines and medium duty engines. 

But we have even more to offer!

Today's product spotlight we're going through a kit for the Perkins 404C-22. You can check out our video for even more details:



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What Applications Does This Diesel Engine Fit? 

 A lot of the engines we talk about are heavy-duty applications. But this Perkins engine is utilized in the construction and agriculture industry. It's very popular with:

  • Ditch Witch
  • Genie Booms
  • Hobart Welders
  • JCB Mini-Excavators, Tele-Truks, and LoadAlls
  • Miller Welders
  • New Holland Skid Steers
  • Takeuchi Skid Steers

So as you can see, this particular engine is used in many applications.


What's in This Perkins Rebuild Kit? 


perkins 404c 22 overhaul rebuild kit contents | Highway & Heavy Parts

This kit, for the Perkins 404C-22, is an out-of-frame overhaul kit. So you're going to get new pistons and rings, as well as rod, main, and thrust bearings. 

It also comes with a complete engine gasket set. This means it has everything you need to take it apart, put it back together, and re-seal your engine so you don't have any leaks. 

It includes rod bolts and rod nuts. 

Need a valvetrain kit? Well, you're in luck! This kit has onethis means all the valves and valve springs you need to replace in your cylinder head. 

You have options when it comes to pistons and bearings. The kit comes with either standard pistons, or 0.050mm over pistons. You can also get your bearings in 0.010mm over, 0.020 over, or standard bearings. 


perkins 404c 22 overhaul rebuild kit bearing set options | Highway & Heavy Parts


When looking for parts for your Perkins engine, you should have your engine serial number handy to ensure you're getting the right fit. Read our blog about Perkins engine serial numbers to find out what you need!


How Do I Know What Kind of Kit I Need? 

As you probably know, there are three different levels of rebuild kit you can get. As we mentioned, this particular Perkins rebuild kit is an out-of-frame kit. This means that it includes the most components of all the kit levels. This type of kit replaces a lot of components in your engine and allows for even wear. It takes longer to complete this job, but it gives you the peace of mind knowing that you've replaced everything you might need!

There's also the option of an inframe rebuild kit. It doesn't take as long as a complete out-of-frame overhaul, but is still a bigger job than a re-ring kit. The exact components of this kit depend on your engine type, but they will always include pistons. As you can probably guess, an in-frame rebuild happens with the engine in the frame. This saves you time and labor. 

The smallest rebuild kit option is your re-ring kit. This type assumes that your pistons are still good. It's good for when your engine just needs a bit of a pick-me-up. Re-ring references the fact that you'll need to replace the piston rings, even though you're using your old pistons. Like the in-frame kit, the exact contents depend on the engine type. 


For more information about choosing the right kit type, check out How to Choose an Engine Rebuild Kit.

*Note: The Perkins kit described in the sections above is an out-of-frame rebuild.


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