Diesel Engine Emission Requirements

Your emission system on your diesel engine has failed. Again.

Shocking, right?

So, you're faced with either spending a lot of money on an emission or exhaust system to keep it running, or you pull it off. 

We've been faced with that question a lot of different times, and we really sympathize with the fact that you're thinking of spending upwards of ten thousand dollars to get your truck back on the road. And the only difference is that when you get your truck back, you now have a working emissions system.

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Why You May be Thinking About Deleting Your Diesel Engine Emission System

You've spent the money and gotten your emission system replaced to comply with the diesel engine emission standards. But you don't know how long it's going to work for. The last time, it only lasted 6 months and you were broken down again.

We've talked a bit about some of the problems with EGR systems before.


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You hear everyone tell you that if you delete the exhaust system or the after treatment system, you're going to get better fuel mileage. Most operators spend more on fuel than they spend on anything else in the year, so the idea of better fuel economy is pretty enticing, especially when compared to spending $10,000 to put the exhaust system back on your engine. 

Has this happened to you? Your system failed and you were down for three days. You had to spend it in a hotel, so you lost the loadyou had to have someone else come and pick it up. Then you had the hotel bill. And you were stuck at a shop that knew you had no other choice, so you were paying the highest rate possible. They had the parts in next day and you left there with another $10,000 bill. What was different? 


We get the idea of trying to delete your emissions system because it's what you think is the best, or maybe the only, solution.

It's like the old situation when a shop couldn't turn off the check engine light. So you'd pull the bulb out or put a piece of tape over it. 

Carbon build up can wreak havoc on your diesel engine turbocharger and EGR systems. Learn more by reading Removing Carbon from Diesel Engines.


Why You Shouldn't Delete Your Emissions System


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We get it. You don't have a lot of great choices. If you delete the emission system and take it to a dealership for a repair, they'll open the hood, see you've deleted it, and tell you they can't work on it. 

You've got some states that have monitoring and testing for emission standard compliance, and now you can't travel in those states any more because you've modified your engine. 

If you're interested in these systems, check out How Does a Variable Geometry Turbocharger Work?.

But now we're seeing a situation where instead of deleting these systems, we actually have a couple options to help make them run correctly. 

Let's not delete.

Let's not find that repair shop that's kind of in the back corner, that will only take cash, and they won't give you a bill for everything that you had done to strip your emission system off.

Let's find a shop that knows how to fix the emission system. Look for the shop that is knowledgeable about it, and we can supply you the parts you need to that shop to fix it.

Let's go ahead and fix it the right way, and we'll help you keep your price down.

Let's keep the tail pipe clean, let's keep your operational costs down, let's bring your profit back up.


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