Variable Geometry Turbochargers for Your Diesel Engine are Here!

If you're running an engine with a VGT, you've probably had problems with it. It's well-known that these complicated diesel engine components cause problems for operators. 

And they're expensive to fix. 

But you don't have to worry about that any more!

We've got the solution to your VGT problems! Not only do we have reliable parts, but we'll save you money, too!

We've also created a video that provides you a look at our solution to the VGT problem in today's diesel market. Check it out!



We have the solution to your VGT problems! Our ASE Certified Technicians can help you find the right turbocharger for your diesel engine!

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What's up with Variable Geometry Turbochargers in Diesel Engines?


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Variable geometry turbos, or VGTs, were designed to work with the new EGR systems, which keep your engine in compliance with the federal emission standards. The VGT is necessary for the Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration process to work properly. The VGT helps to get the exhaust temperature high enough to burn off the accumulation on the filter. 

What makes VGTs unique is in their design. Unlike a traditional turbocharger, VGTs have moving vanes. Some vanes pivot and some slide. These movements affect the speed of the turbine, giving you the best engine performance. 

But more moving parts means a greater opportunity for failure. And that's what we've seen happen a lot with VGTs. Taking into account that replacing a variable geometry turbocharger is usually very expensive, VGTs have gotten a bad rep. But that's not something you have to worry about anymore!


What are Some Issues Associated with VGTs?

We've talked about this a few times in the past. One of the main issues people have with VGTs is the high failure rate and the cost. When we have cores returned, we often see carbon buildup as the source of turbocharger failure. Learn more about this in our blog, Removing Carbon from Diesel Engines

Oftentimes, you'll notice a problem with the whole EGR system. This has been a source of frustration for many operators. Because of federal emission regulations, you're forced to have these systems on your engine, yet they fail constantly, and the repair is almost always expensive. Read our post, Problems with EGR Systems in Diesel Engines, for a deeper look into this issue.

This has led many operators to delete their emission system. But there are penalties associated with this. It's a violation of federal law and can come with hefty fines, among other things. And, if you choose to delete, you're going to have a hard time finding a shop that will work on your diesel engine, because those shops could face penalties for doing so. 

So what can you do, when your options are so bad? Delete your system and face punishment for violating federal regulations, or continue to have to pay hefty repair bills for a system that fails constantly? 

Well, we're pleased to have found a solution to your troubles!


VGT is Here!


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Why delete?

You can now stay compliant and eliminate temptation while keeping your original EGR system. We even enable you to avoid the high cost of OEM partsno one should pay more than they have to!

With our variable geometry turbochargers, you're getting upgraded components with corrected design flawsthat means less failure for you and more time on the road!

These turbos are VSR High Speed Balanced to ISO 1940-1: 2003 Standards. They're built with rare parts not readily available from the OEM. So not only are you paying less than you would at the OEM, you're paying less for better parts!


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They come with new turbine wheels and shafts, new actuators, a new compressor housing, and a new exhaust housing. We also have new short and long turbos available!

Your VGT turbo troubles are over. With our turbos, you won't be paying ridiculously high prices, nor will you have to worry about the troubles that have plagued you with VGTs in the past. We've got a high quality solution just for you!


Don't delete. Fix it right! Call our ASE Certified Technicians to find the right variable geometry turbocharger for your diesel engine! Call them at 844-304-7688, or request a quote online!