HHP Spotlight: Diesel Engine VGT Turbocharger Advantages

What? Advantages to a VGT? Are you reading that correctly? 

In fact, you are! You've probably spent years hearing about all the problems that VGTs cause. You probably know someone who got frustrated and deleted the system. Heck, that someone might even be you. But, we've finally gotten to the point where a variable geometry turbocharger can actually be a benefit to your diesel engine. 

And what great benefits they bring!

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So, let's talk about the problems with variable geometry turbochargers.

There's no getting around it. VGTs have a bad reputation. They've been troublesome, they're expensive to replace, and they fail often. Here's some of the failures you may have run into:

  • Excessive Oil Consumption-You could be noticing excessive oil consumption associated with your variable geometry turbocharger. Often, this isn't caused by the turbo itself, but from failures elsewhere in the engine. For instance, it might be from a failed bearing, hot shutdowns, or extended drain intervals with dirty oil.
  • Mechanical Faults-If you're having a mechanical problem with your VGT, you could have EGR problems or coolant or foreign object contamination. This type of failure often prevents it from shifting from a big to a small turbo.
  • Electrical Faults-Electrical faults often occur with the electric actuator of your VGT.

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VGTs aren't a problem any more!

We now carry a line of high-quality variable geometry turbochargers for your diesel engine.  You don't have to worry about these turbos failing at every turn any more. They meet or exceed OEM specifications and will keep you on the road!

One major issue has been caused by OEMs keeping information to themselves. They won't share their service parts topics so that they can continue to hold you hostage at their shop and charge you $3,000-$5,000 for a turbo that keeps failing. 

That's not something you'll run into when you shop HHP! We have the service topics and the knowledge to help you choose and install your variable geometry turbocharger. We don't want you to keep having problems with your turbo, and we have the expertise to help!

VGT is no longer a bad word!

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Advantages to having a diesel engine VGT

You might still not be a believer, but trust us when we tell you there are real benefits to the VGT. We've brought you just a few:


1. A VGT can be both a big and a small turbo

Yep, that's right. These bad boys are multi-functional. That's the first advantage. A variable geometry turbocharger can be both a big turbo and a small turbo, all in one. 


torque curve graph comparison | Highway & Heavy Parts


So, what does that do for you? Well, instead of a sharp torque curve on that thing, you're going to get a torque curve that goes up  and across. It's a really broad torque curve, and it's going to give you torque down low as well as up high. This gives you much better engine performance when you're hauling heavy loads. 


2. You get improved engine braking


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One of the other main advantages to VGTs in diesel engines is engine braking. 

They can use that turbo for diesel engine braking by choking off the exhaust housing and helping the truck to slow down better. Who knew that a turbo, which brings more power to your engine, can also improve braking? Seems like a pretty great deal to us!


3. You don't have to delete

We've said it before. Don't delete. By purchasing a high-quality VGT, you don't have to delete. 

That means you aren't risking fines and other federal punishment for breaking EPA regulations. You also aren't limiting the shops that will work on your engine! (In case you didn't know, most shops will not work on an engine that has had this system deleted. They, too, can face fines and punishment for doing so.)

Plus, if you end up going and deleting your VGT, you're missing out on that broad torque curve and you're not going to get that engine braking.  Deleting not only could bring you negatives, it also causes you to miss out on the positives of VGTs.


So, despite what you may have heard, variable geometry is no longer something you need to be afraid of. In fact, they can actually be beneficial to your engine!

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