What Diesel Information does HHP need to quote a John Deere Kit?

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If you've been looking for a rebuild kit or any other diesel engine parts for your John Deere, this blog is here to make your life easier! We'll be covering the information required to request a quote from HHP, where to find it, and why it's important. Make sure to read on until the end, because we also have a special product spotlight covering a John Deere 6068 Overhaul Kit!

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What Information is Needed to Receive a Quote?

When requesting a quote, our certified technicians will always ask you for these two things:

  • Engine Serial Number
  • Engine Model Code

Having this information ready to go will make things run more smoothly. It'll also guarantee you receive the correct parts! Read on to learn more about where your ESN is located and why you need it.


Engine Serial Number

John Deere Diesel Engine Serial Number Diagram | Highway & Heavy Parts


You can find your ESN on a plate in your engine. Typically, with John Deere engines you'll find this plate on either side of the block.  It can vary on which side depending on the model.

In the diagram above, your engine serial number is the 13-digit code next to the label "A." On your engine plate, you won't have each section labeled with letters, so just know it's the longer set of digits.

Finding this plate and recording the numbers will take you one step closer to purchasing the right parts!


Why Is My John Deere ESN Important?

Just your model number alone isn't always enough. We want to ensure you get the right parts, the first time. The engine serial number allows our techs to verify that the part you want will fit your engine correctly. This can save you time and money in returns.

When requesting a quote on our website, you'll notice a field titled Engine Serial Number/CPL. This is a required field for a reason, if it's left blank, we'll have to call you and verify. 

To learn more about your John Deere, check out our Engine Serial Number blog, which breaks down what each digit of the part number means.


Engine Model Code

John Deere Diesel Engine Model Code Diagram | Highway & Heavy Parts


Your engine model code is another necessary piece of information our techs need to help you. If you look at the diagram above, the engine model can be found next to the letter "B." This number will have fewer digits compared to the ESN and is located close to the bottom.


Product Spotlight: HHP John Deere Maxiforce Overhaul Kit



Now that you know what's needed to submit a quote, let's take a look at one of our great quality John Deere Overhaul Kits. A brand new overhaul kit will restore your diesel engine to good working condition and extend the life of it.

This product spotlight is on a John Deere 6068 Overhaul Kit. You can take a closer look by clicking our part number P211439. This covers many applications, whether it's agricultural, construction, or power generation. You'll receive everything you need to get this engine ready to go for another life cycle.

Since this is an overhaul kit, it's going to come with 6 cylinder kits. This includes pistons, wrist pins, retainers, ring sets, liners, and liner seals. Its also going to come with connecting rod bushings, camshaft bushings, and connecting rod cap screws.

You'll receive a complete engine gasket set, head gasket set, pan set, front cover, bell housing, and oil cooler. This means it has everything you need to take it apart, put it back together, and re-seal your engine so you don't have any leaks. 


If you've got your Engine Serial Number and Engine Model Number ready, or just need help with your diesel engine parts needs, we have ASE Certified Technicians who can help! Call us at 844-304-7688, or request a quote online!