Meet the Experts at HHP: Andy Thompson

We usually focus in on diesel engine parts, but today we're taking a look at a different part of our companythe people who make it great! You can get to know some of the people you talk to when you call in to our experts for replacement diesel parts.

Read on to learn more about Andy Thompson, Co-Owner of Highway & Heavy Parts!

You can also watch our video to see him talk about his experiences in the diesel engine industry:



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Andy's Background in the Diesel Engine Industry

Ever wonder who's behind HHP? Well, Andy, one of our Co-Owners, started working for a trucking company when he was fourteen years old. He says that he was fortunate enough to work with an owner who had just purchased a small businesshe had worked with the company for 30 years at that point. He got to really work from the ground up, but says that for the first two years the only thing he fixed was his shovel or his broom. 

In this role, he got to see a small business grow. He learned how important it was to take care of customers, and how important it was to take care of your employees. 

After college, Andy went to Cummins Michigan for about 5 years. From there, he went on to a construction equipment supplier for about 10 years and worked in both the parts and the service departments. These experiences helped bring about Highway & Heavy Parts.

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The Early Days of HHP


meet the experts andy thompson on the phone customer service | Highway & Heavy Parts


When they started HHP, the Co-Owners had worked on the weekends for quite a while, as far as building their business plan, the motto, and figuring out exactly what they planned to do. The driving force, he says, was hard work, taking care of the customers, and doing the right thing. He finds that what he learned starting out is that if you do the basics right, then everything else takes care of itself. 

Andy thinks that one of the most fun things has been to see our customers succeed and trying to help them in the growth of their business, because oftentimes the challenges the customers have are the challenges that we see as well. 

He enjoys talking to the customers, not just about diesel engine parts, but the challenges they have and what they're trying to do to grow their business. He finds that sometimes we can offer help to them, and sometimes they help us back. 

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What's different about HHP?

What differentiates HHP as a company, Andy thinks, is our ability to be knowledgeable on the whole transaction. There's a lot of good companies out there, but we pride ourselves on being the best. 

Customer service isn't just knowing the product, it's knowing the product, knowing the best products, as well as being able to relate to the customer, understand what their needs are, and change when we need to. He states that we're not always going to be able to deliver one product the same way to everyone, so when different situations arise that we have to make an adjustment for, we're willing to do that. We're going to do what makes good business sense for the customer and for us.

So, he says, we're not stuck by previous rules, we're not stuck by anything that dictates how we have to do things. It's really about good business principles and taking care of the customers. That's what he's found has grown the business to this point, and what he believes will continue to grow the business.


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