How to Return Diesel Engine Core Parts


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If you've recently purchased a remanufactured diesel engine part, you've probably run into a core charge. This charge can make the total purchase seem more expensive, but as long as you ship back the core and it's accepted, you'll be refunded the money. 

But, to get that money, you need to make sure that you're correctly shipping back the core, so that it can be processed quickly and you can get the core charge refunded. We're here to take you through the process of shipping your core back to HHP and to make the process as pain-free as possible.

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So, What is a Core Charge?

Essentially, a core charge is money held in reserve so that manufacturers can be sure that they'll receive your old part back. You'll see the base price of the part, and then an additional charge will be added to the purchase. So, if you're purchasing a $1,000 turbo, and that turbo has a $500 core charge, you'll pay $1,500 right away. 

This might seem like a scam, but in the end, you should get that $500 back. All you have to do is send back in your old part. You get your new turbo, put your old one back in the box, and send it in. Once it's received and approved, you'll get your $500 back. That brings your total purchase back down to $1,000.


What's the Purpose of Sending in My Old Diesel Parts?

It might seem strange that someone would want your old, worn out parts. But that's how you get remanufactured parts. If you didn't send your cores back in, no one would have old parts to remanufacture.

And that's how the core charge is determined. It's the amount that it would cost them to buy another old part. They want to be able to remanufacture and sell that part again. Returning cores continues to provide you with the option to purchase remanufactured parts as opposed to new ones.

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How Do I Ship Back My Core?


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Like we said, we want to help make sure you get your core charge refunded to you. Part of that is making sure that you correctly ship your core back.

To recap: you've just purchased some diesel engine parts and one of them contains a component that is remanufactured. That part will result in a core charge. The core is charged at the time of purchase. When the remanufactured component from your old part is returned to us, the charge is refunded to you. To ensure a successful core return, follow these steps. 

Following your purchase, HHP will email a return authorization form and prepaid shipping documents to use for returning the core. Print these documents for use in the package. 


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Prepare the core for shipping by draining any oil or fluids from the units. Make sure it's clean and dry. Place the unit back in its original box. Place the return authorization form inside the package with the core. Finalize the package by taping, palletizing, or banding.

Place the shipping labels on the outside of the package. If a bill of lading is also supplied, print that document and keep it with the shipment. 

Now you're ready to ship your core back to us. Ship your core using the carrier on the labels provided. You must ship your core within 45 days of receiving the paperwork in the email. The core may need to be examined to determine that it is accepted. If accepted, you'll receive a credit via the original method of payment. The payment may take 3-4 weeks, but we try to credit you faster whenever possible.

So, that's how you return your core to HHP to reclaim your core charge. Want to know more about HHP shipping? Read our Order Shipping Guide!


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