Meet the Experts at HHP: Brooke Lovejoy


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We feel that one of HHP's greatest strengths is the people who work hard to get you the exact diesel engine parts you need!

But, have you ever wondered who is on the other end of the phone when you call HHP? Instead of talking about diesel engine parts today, we're going to take a look at one of the sales representatives that make buying from HHP such a great experience. Read on to learn more about Brooke Lovejoy and why she enjoys working at HHP!

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Brooke's Background in the Diesel Engine Industry

Brooke says that she has been around diesel engines from a young age. Her father was always a farmer and involved in trucking itself, so she grew up around machinery and equipment with diesel engines. 

Brooke originally hired in at HHP as a sales administrative assistant, and she worked in that position for about six months. She found that she was really interested in talking to the customers and helping them to figure out the issues they were calling about.

Brooke says, "I learn at a fairly quick rate, so being able to sit in a large room with more advanced gentlemen here such as Andy and Rob, they're very technical, has really helped me out." So, after six months, she just went for it and jumped into sales, and she has really loved building her own client base. 

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What Makes HHP Different than It's Competitors in the Diesel Industry?

Brooke finds that what's really unique about Highway & Heavy Parts is that every individual within the sales department knows that when a customer calls in needing a particular part, they might need something else with it that they're unaware of. A lot of times, when customers go to a parts counter at their local dealer, they're just getting what they're asking for. At HHP, though, that's not the case. For example, if a customer is working on an N14 engine and they're asking for an oil pump, we know right away that they're going to need that pan gasket and they're going to need the suction tube o-rings. 

Brooke says: "We take it very seriously when a customer calls looking for a particular part, because we know that it's not just upselling, because we're getting them everything they need, even if they're not asking for it." 

She finds that what sets HHP apart from its competitors in the diesel engine industry is our attitude, 100%. Brooke points out that sometimes she gets calls from customers who say, "Hey, I'm sorry, I know this is probably a really silly question." She wants our customers to know that they can ask us anything without feeling silly about the questions they ask. 

When customers call our competitors, a lot of times they get the wrong attitude, and they let us know that. So, Brooke says that it makes her feel really good knowing that we have the right attitude. We're efficient, we're proactive, and we can get the job done. 

So why does Brooke love working as a sales representative? According to her, "I think it's extremely fun because I get to talk to different personalities all day long. I love building relationships with my customers and I also love my team members. I love that we are a very team oriented culture."


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