Meet the Experts at HHP: Rob McDowell


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Our team of experts here at HHP work hard every day to make sure you're getting the right parts every time. It's important to them that every customer finds a solution to their diesel engine problems.

So, who are you talking to when you call HHP? Today, we're going to introduce you to Rob McDowell, our Technical Sales Representative.

If you're looking for replacement parts for your diesel engine, we can help! Our ASE Certified Technicians are here to get you the right parts for your job!

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Rob's Background in the Diesel Parts Industry

Rob says that he has always been mechanical. He started work early as a bicycle mechanic. But while he was working at the bike shop, he was building drag race cars on the side.

Rob had a buddy that worked at an equipment dealer who told Rob: "Hey, we need a mechanic and you're very good at what you do." He invited Rob to interview for the job. So, he spent 18 years as a diesel mechanic. 

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What Sets HHP Apart From Its Competitors

Rob loves that this company is fast-paced and high-performing. He  likes to be able to help people solve their diesel engine problems and get up and going. 

He points out: "One of the things you may be asked is 'What's going on with your engine? Did it fail? Did it wear out?' Because what we offer is more of a consulting service than a parts counter." He goes on that we want to know what's going on with your engine so that we can recommend the best fix for you. 

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We've been in the industry for a long time and we understand quality parts vs. inexpensive parts. Rob likes that he can offer people a different option. It's always been, "Hey, the OEM is best." Well, we've found other options. 

And, the OEM isn't necessarily the OEM any more. The OEM is obsolete. Take our cylinder heads, for example. With our reman program, every piece in the head gets replaced. It's all brand newvalves, guides, springs, keepers, retainers, injector cups. We want you to get the best quality parts!

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So, one of the things you may not know is that the majority of people  out there are reusing these products to keep the price down. If you're just searching the internet and looking at the price, we're not going to be the lowest price. But, we are going to be the best option to go another million miles!


Want to talk to Rob or one of our other experts about your diesel engine problems? Call us at 844-304-7688, or request a quote online!