Guidelines for Diesel Engine VGT Turbo Installation

If you've been following along with our diesel engine emissions series, and you've found yourself in need of a turbocharger replacement, we've got turbochargers for you! 

Variable geometry turbochargers can sometimes make people nervous. They're a little bit complicated and that can scare some people. But we want to make sure that when you put your turbo on, we've got you covered!

Read on to find out what guidelines you should follow when you're installing your variable geometry turbocharger, as well as some advantages they bring to the table. You can also check out our video for more information:



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What Guidelines Should I Follow When Installing My Diesel Engine Turbo?

If you're installing a diesel turbo, you might want a little help knowing how to install it properly. You'll find that when you get a turbo from Highway and Heavy Parts on the front of it you're going to have your part number and your serial number. But also, more importantly, you're going to have some cautionary items.


hhp turbocharger install guidelines cautionary tags | Highway & Heavy Parts


One of those items is to make sure you're following the service parts topic when you're putting this turbocharger on. This helps to ensure you don't have a failure down the road.

These cautionary items also tell you to make sure you're using the right oils and to clean your DPF filter. Those are topics that are available, and they're on the outside of the box.


hhp turbocharger install guidelines turbocharger bag


When you open your turbocharger up, those topics are also going to be on the turbocharger: on the bag that the turbocharger is going to be in as well as a tag that is actually attached to the turbocharger. So you think, "Man, why do you have it on three places?" Well, we're serious about following the guidelines to make sure you don't have a problem.

A lot of turbos you're going to get are not going to have that information for you, and you're going to put them on and you could potentially have a problem. If you need, we've got paper copies that we could email to you of the service parts topic, so you've got them on hand. If you've got questions, give us a shout. We'd be happy to walk you through how the service parts topic lays out and the benefits of doing it this way. That's going to give you the best life out of your turbocharger going forward. 

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Advantages to Your VGT Turbo

If you're like a lot of people, you probably think that there are more problems with keeping a variable geometry turbo on your diesel engine than replacing it. But you actually get quite a few advantages with your VGT.

For example, a VGT can be both a big and a small turbo. This gives you a nice, broad torque curve, which allows for much better engine performance, especially with those heavy loads. 

You're also going to get improved engine braking. The VGT can help by choking off the exhaust housing. This in turn helps the truck to slow down better. 

By replacing your VGT, you also avoid a whole host of problems that come with trying to delete. These include fines and other penalties, and you won't be banned from operating in states with strict regulations. Plus, when you delete, you severely limit the amount of shops that will work on your engine, so you might not be able to get a quality fix done. 

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All in all, a proper installation can help prevent future problems with your variable geometry turbocharger. Make sure that you're following the recommended guidelines, and give us call if you have any questions!

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