CAT C15 Diesel Fuel Injector Problems

Are you noticing a problem with the fuel system in your CAT C15 diesel engine? Maybe you're experiencing poor fuel economy and engine performance.

If that sounds like your engine, you may be ready for a new set of fuel injectors. We've put together a list of key indicators that your fuel injectors might be failing. Read on to learn if it's time to replace the injectors in your CAT C15 engine!

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Symptoms Your CAT C15 Fuel Injectors are Failing


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If you think your fuel injectors might be the source of your current engine troubles, here are some things that you might be experiencing.

You might be noticing poor engine performance, or you may have had a misfire. Your C15 diesel might be running rough, or you might have a fuel knock. You also might notice a check engine light or failure code. Additional symptoms include a hard start, poor idle, black smoke, strange odor from your tail pipe, and a decrease in fuel efficiency.

These issues can be impacted by the amount of fuel getting to your engine. In many cases, even a slight problem with your injector timing can have a negative impact on your performance. The extent of the issue will impact what kind of repair is necessary for your engine. You can learn more by reading Identifying Common Signs of Fuel Injector Failure.


How Do Diesel Fuel Injectors Fail?

There are a few things that can cause your fuel injectors in your CAT C15 to fail.

First, because of the way they are designed, your injectors can fail electronically. This would likely be due to a bad solenoid.

Injectors can also fail mechanically. This type of failure could be caused by debris, water, air, or some other contamination interfering with the normal function of your injectors.

Some other reasons injectors might fail include age or wear, clogging, cracking, busted seals, leaking, internal components failing, or secondary damage from another engine failure. 

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What Should You Do With Your Failing Injectors?

The first thought that comes to your mind might be to rebuild your injectors yourself. This is possible, of course, but there are a number of reasons you probably don't want to attempt this, including cleanliness, complicated components, and the cost (believe it or not, it might actually end up costing you more!) Read our post on why rebuilding injectors yourself isn't the best option.

Something else you might want to consider is purchasing a remanufactured fuel injector. During the remanufacturing process, the injector is brought back to life. The major components are replaced, which, depending on the specific injector, include: actuators, solenoids, springs, washers, shims, screws, and stops. 

You will want to make sure that any remanufactured injectors you purchase are quality and repaired to the highest standards. Here at HHP, will sell only remanufactured injectors that meet or exceed OEM specifications. We want you to have the best injectors possible for your diesel engine!

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Highway & Heavy Parts offers a selection of remanned fuel injectors for your CAT C15 diesel engine.


So, do you think your fuel injectors might be causing the problems in your Caterpillar C15? It might be time to replace them. Our experts can help you find the right replacement parts for your diesel engine!

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