CAT C15 Diesel Engine Turbocharger Problems

Are you noticing lower power or low boost in your CAT C15 diesel engine? Is your engine performance lacking? You may have a turbocharger that's going bad! 

Turbochargers are a critical component to your CAT C15 engine and today we're going to cover the most common symptoms to look for when diagnosing your C15 turbocharger.

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Maybe it's not your turbocharger that's causing problems in your CAT C15 engine. Are you experiencing blowby, oil consumption, engine knocking, or other similar symptoms? It might be time for an engine rebuild. Check out our post on when to rebuild your C15 and see if your engine could benefit from an overhaul!

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What Symptoms Should I Look for in My CAT C15 Turbocharger?


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There's a lot of moving components in your diesel engine turbochargerits main goal is to give your engine more power. It does this by using exhaust gas to power its turbine and forcing air into the combustion chamber. Without your turbo, you'd have significantly less power in your diesel engine.

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As with any other diesel engine turbo, if you're having problems with your CAT C15 turbocharger, it's something you're going to want to address right away. And one of the first steps to taking care of the problem is knowing what you're looking for in the first place. 

You could have internal parts of your turbo damaged. It could also be passing oil, have low power, or maybe it's running hot. You should also keep an eye out for low boost pressure, play in the turbo shaft that cause the blades to rub the housing, or cracks on the exhaust side from excessive heat. 


What Can Cause These Issues in My C15 Turbo?

So, you've identified some of the symptoms that lead you to believe that it's your turbo that's giving you problems. But what caused these problems to begin with?

Some reported issues include damaged housings. It's also possible for carbon or debris in the engine to knock loose and damage the fins. Failed bearings can make the turbo blades rub the inside of the housing. You might also have an air leak that results in a loss of pressure. 

Depending on the type of engine failure you're experiencing, you might be having other issues with your turbocharger, including leaks on your compressor or turbine sides, damaged compressor or turbine wheels, or turbo bearing failures. If you want to know more about what causes these types of turbo failure, check out Common Turbo Problems and Failures

If you need a new turbo to help solve the failure, you're going to want to make sure it's correctly installed. Did you know that the turbo should be prelubed prior to install to help ensure all components are lubricated properly before startup? This can help prevent a failure in the future. Want more helpful hints? Read our diesel turbo install tips!


Highway & Heavy Parts offers both new and remanufactured turbos for your CAT C15. Don't let diesel turbocharger problems keep you off the road! Let us help you find the solution!

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