Problems That Require Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Components for CAT C15

Is your cylinder head failing?

It might be, but you might be surprised to find out that individual components within the cylinder head could be the cause of your issues. 

There are a number of key components that make up a functioning diesel engine cylinder head. Over time, these components can fail and lead to problems that are similar to a failing cylinder head. 

To keep your cylinder head running properly, here are four indicators to look for in failing cylinder head components on your Caterpillar C15. 

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What are the Symptoms of Failing Cylinder Head Components in My CAT C15?


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When you're looking at your cylinder head, it's going to house several different components, including your intake valves, your exhaust valves, as well as your fuel injectors. The cylinder head is essentially what allows for the combustion in your engine to happen, powering your engine. Want to know more about what a cylinder head and its components do for your diesel engine? Read, What is the Purpose of a Cylinder Head in a Diesel Engine? for an in-depth look. 

When you're evaluating the health of your C15 cylinder head and its components, you'll want to watch for these four things: high oil consumption, bad fuel mileage, engine overheating, or white smoke. Any of these can indicate issues with your cylinder head components, rather than the cylinder head itself.

Overheating causes the head to expand and contract leading to cracking.

Warped or damaged valves won't seat correctly, and therefore won't create the right pressure in the combustion cycle.

Worn valves and valve guides allow oil to drip into the intake or exhaust valves. White smoke is caused by coolant contamination or oil in the exhaust gasses escaping the cylinder head.


A Closer Look at Your Cylinder Head Components

As we mentioned above, there are a few main components within your  cylinder head that can affect the performance of your diesel engine. One of the main ones that can cause issues to the combustion cycle are your valves, both intake and exhaust. 

How Valves Can Fail

There are a few ways that your diesel engine valves can fail, including: 

  • Wear caused by external conditions: Improper adjustment, carbon buildup, and carbon cutting can all wear on your valves prematurely, leading to further issues with your cylinder head.
  • Poor Maintenance: Bad adjustments can lead to wear on the valve guides and seats. This can affect the valve timing, as well as create other problems with your combustion cycle.
  • Bending Fatigue:  Misalignment can lead to bends and breaks in your valves, which in turn can damage your cylinder head.
  • Impact Loading: Sometimes, depending on the type of damage, it's clear that the issues with your valves could only be caused by impact. This is usually the case when you don't notice any signs of damage or failure in the other components, just the valves.

There are a lot of ways that your valves can fail, so you'll want to make sure that these important components of your diesel engine continue to operate at their best. For more information on problems with your valves, take a look at our valves failure analysis.


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