Problems with CAT C15 Diesel Engine Oil Pumps

Your oil pump. It's probably not a part you've thought about a lot, but it serves an important role in your diesel engine. 

The oil pump is what keeps your entire engine lubricated and in working order. Without this circulation, the other engine parts will not be able to move properly, so having an oil pump fail is a major issue for your engine. If it's not addressed quickly, you could be experiencing even more failures, costing you even more money.

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Symptoms of Oil Pump Failure in Your CAT C15 Diesel Engine


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Knowing what symptoms to look for is vital to keeping your engine working as it should. You should never ignore these symptoms, even if there's nothing wrong with your oil pump, as they could still indicate other issues within your engine.

Here are a few key indicators that something might be going wrong with your C15 oil pump:

  • Low oil pressure
  • High operating temperatures
  • Unusual noises

As we mentioned earlier, some of these symptoms might indicate a different problem in your engine. If you're experiencing low oil pressure, for example, but you just replaced your oil pump, there are some other things you might check. First, you'll probably want to make sure that your oil pump was installed correctly and operating as intended. After that, any of these could be the cause of your problems:

  • Faulty Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Plugged Oil Filter
  • Worn Bearings
  • Contaminated Oil
  • Not Enough Oil
  • Engine Age

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Diagnosing Your C15 Oil Pump Problem

As with any oil pump, there are a few ways you can narrow in on what's going wrong with your CAT C15 oil pump.

Oftentimes, you'll find that your issues go back to install techniques. If an oil pump was poorly installed, it will cause you problems later on. Check on the install of the oil pump especially if it seems to be failing soon after you had it replaced. 

Contaminants during install can lead to oil pump failure as well, so it's vital that you keep your parts clean during install. Debris from past failures may get sucked up in the oil pump and cause it to wear or fail.

Other issues that cause oil pump failure include broken or worn regulator springs or many, many miles of operation leading to excessive clearance in the pump. In other words, it may simply be worn out.

You also want to make sure that you have enough oil in your engine, as well as good, clean oil. Contaminants in your oil can wreak havoc on your entire system.

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So, if you notice any of these symptoms in your diesel engine, don't ignore them. It might be time for a new oil pump for your CAT C15 diesel engine!

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