Meet the Experts at HHP: Dave Davis

As you may know, we have a team of experts here at HHP who are ready to help you with your diesel engine parts needs. But just who are you talking to when you call into us? 

Today we're introducing you to another of our sales people, Dave. Learn more about Dave's background in the diesel engine industry, as well as what he thinks makes HHP great!

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Dave's Background in the Diesel Engine Industry


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Dave grew up on a farm not far from where HHP is headquartered. He says that he was constantly working on trucks, tractors, or machinery around the farm. 

He finished high school, and from there he went to college for automotive machining. He got interested in racing and went to work for a professional racing team. There they machined and rebuilt engines. 

He also worked for heavy equipment, on the parts side of things, rebuilding diesel engines as well.

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Why HHP?

Dave says that in his early days in HHP he was surprised that there was a company in Coleman, MI that he hadn't heard of that sold diesel engine parts. It was refreshing to him to see a newer business with a newer philosophy in an old industry, an industry he feels has needed to be changed for quite some time.

He points out that we have people here at HHP who aren't just parts sales people. They're also experienced technical people—from service department managers, to shop floor technicians, to someone like Dave who was an engine machinist. 

Something he finds that makes HHP stand out from its competitors is the fact that when we make a sale, it's dealt with by that salesperson before and after the sale. It's not passed along to a third party who doesn't know or doesn't care anything about it. He thinks it's nice to see that HHP takes care of people in that way.

He points out that a lot of people don't know that you can call in and get technical advice. We can send you torque specifications, for example. We can at least send you in the right direction. 

A lot of people don't realize that, and they think that we're just an internet company that sells parts. But we do have a lot of technical people, and they can help you with your diesel engine questions. 

Dave says that if you want to save yourself some time and money, we can usually have your parts to you in two days or less. You're saving yourself 30-40% usually over OEM pricing, with a better warranty. He notes, "You're doing yourself a favor ordering from HHP."


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