Meet the Experts at HHP: Braeden Gosma

At HHP, we feel that our team of expert sales people is one of the things that really sets us apart from our competitors.

Don't believe us? Get to know one of our sales representatives, Braeden, and see what she has to say about working for Highway & Heavy Parts.

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Braeden's Background and Diesel Engine Experience


meet the experts at hhp braeden | Highway & Heavy Parts


After Braeden graduated high school, she knew that she wanted to pursue a degree in German, so she actually studied it in college and got her bachelor's degree in German. She lived in Germany for a little bit, but she realized that she wanted to stay a little closer to home. That's how she found Highway & Heavy Parts.

Braeden happened upon HHP and visited the website. She was surprised that there was a company that handles so much product so close to where she lives and she had never heard of it. So she applied to work at HHP.

Braeden started out here as an administrative assistant for Brooke, one of the other sales representatives here. "She really took me under her wing," Braeden says. "She was a great mentor." 

And so she started out processing Brooke's orders. But she found herself, after a few months, realizing that she was able to sell this product as well. She listened to the other sales reps like Dave, Rob, and Brooke talk about these parts all day every day, and she found she was retaining a lot of that information. So she worked to learn more and become a sales rep herself.


Why HHP?

When asked what some of the best parts of her job are, Braeden answered that she enjoys working with people from all across the US. She talks to a lot of different people with a lot of different personalities, and that's a very enjoyable part of her job. 

Here at HHP, she says, we're ready to answer our customers' questions. We're not just going to sell you a part, we're going to tell you what else you might need along with that part. If someone calls in and they need a C15 head for their Caterpillar application, for example, Braeden says she'll tell them that they're going to need valve bridges with that, they'll probably need exhaust studs, and they're going to want injector hold down bolts. 

Sometimes, when you go to a parts counter, you're not going to get that kind of knowledge. Andy, one of the co-owners of the company, has done a really great job sourcing parts for us that have really great warranties. We're not going to sell you parts that we're not confident in.


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