VGT Options for Your Cummins ISX Diesel Engine

You've probably seen the term VGT or variable geometry turbocharger thrown around a lot when talking about diesel engines. You've probably heard even more about the problems they cause and money they can cost operators. How it's easier and cheaper just to delete the system.

But just what is a VGT? Does it really cause that many problems? Is it better to delete?

Well, your VGT serves the same purpose as a traditional turbo—it gives your diesel engine more power. But VGTs were created to work along side the new EGR systems so that diesel engines comply with modern emission regulations. 

Instead of having immobile vanes, the vanes on a VGT move as the turbo spins, changing the speed of the air flowing through the turbine. This allows for optimal engine performance. This control of air speed is vital for Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration. 

Check out our blog article to learn more about how VGTs function

So, should you delete? 

No, you shouldn't. Not only can this cost you more money in fines, you can actually create more failures for your engine. By deleting the EGR system, you're removing pieces of a highly tuned engine, and it suddenly can't operate as it was intended. You can end up paying even more in repairs than replacing your VGT. 

Still worried about the cost of VGTs? We have some great options for you that can help keep costs down!

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VGT Options from Highway & Heavy Parts





p246543r vgt turbo | Highway & Heavy Parts


This short turbocharger for your Cummins ISX gives you everything you want in a VGT—reliability, long-lasting power, and a great price!

It has been remanufactured by skilled technicians to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We only work with suppliers we trust to ensure you're getting the best quality parts available. And you'll be getting a 1 year, unlimited mile warranty. 

If that isn't enough, this turbo comes with the proper warnings and installation bulletins, to help ensure that you won't experience a failure from improper installation. 

This turbo can help you get the boost you want, at up to 50% off OEM prices. Sounds like a pretty great deal to us!





p200057r vgt turbo | Highway & Heavy Parts


We know you want power in your engine, and this VGT delivers! Each component of this remanufactured turbo has been inspected from fit to finish before assembly, just to bring you the highest quality part!

With this turbo, you're getting the same benefits of a new VGT—increased engine power, decreased emissions, and improved fuel efficiency—without the hefty price tag. And you're getting it at a much lower price than offered by the OEM. 

With a great warranty and remanned to OEM specs, you can put your mind at ease. We've got you covered!


With great, affordable options like these, isn't it better to keep your engine running as intended? 

Don't delete. Fix it right. 

Our VGT turbo options can save you money. Call our ASE Certified Technicians at 844-304-7688, or request a quote online to find the right parts for your diesel engine!