Problems That Require Cylinder Head Components for the CAT C15 ACERT Diesel Engine

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of components that make up the cylinder head of your C15 ACERT. If you have a failure in that part of your engine, you might be inclined to blame it on your cylinder head, but it's possible that one of these other components could break. This would lead to problems with similar symptoms to that of a failing cylinder head. 

If you want to keep your cylinder head running properly, you're going to want to make sure that all of these components are in top shape as well. We've put together some key indicators that you can look for if you think some of your cylinder head components are failing. 

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Symptoms of Failing Cylinder Head Components in Your CAT C15 ACERT


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If you think you have a failure in your cylinder head or its associated components, the first thing you're probably wondering is what symptoms can help you diagnose the problem. These can include: 

  • High Oil Consumption
  • Bad Fuel Mileage
  • Engine Overheating
  • White Smoke

As with many other failures in your diesel engine, these symptoms could be caused by a number of different failures, so it's important to fully investigate the problem. This can help prevent you from missing something that will cause you problems later on. 


What Causes Failure in Your CAT C15 ACERT Cylinder Head Components? 

There are a number of reasons the components of your C15 ACERT cylinder head might have failed. Here's a few common issues you might be experiencing. 


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First, you might have overheating in your diesel engine. This can cause the head to expand and contract, which in turn leads to cracking. Helping to prevent your engine from overheating can save you an expensive repair. Be sure to monitor your coolant levels closely to help keep this failure from occurring. Want to know more? Take a look at our article on why your cylinder head might be cracked

You might also have warped or damaged valves. These won't seat correctly and therefore won't create the right pressure in the combustion cycle. Need more info on valve failure? We have a diesel engine valve failure analysis you can check out!

Worn valves and valve guides can allow oil into intake or exhaust ports. This wear can be caused by poor maintenance or misadjustment. Read our post for a closer look at why your valve guides might be failing.  

White smoke might be caused by coolant contaminating the oil or exhaust gases that are escaping the cylinder head.


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