Choosing the Right Diesel Engine Common Rail Fuel Injectors

The common rail fuel injector system is a relatively new development in diesel engines, but it brings with it quite a few advantages.

With a quality common rail system, you'll see quieter performance, improved fuel economy, higher torque, and lower emissions. 

When it's time for you to replace some of your injectors, Highway & Heavy Parts is here for you! We're proud to carry Bosch common rail injectors, bringing you the quality you want from your injectors.

What kind of failures might lead you to need new injectors? We take you through that in our post about common rail fuel injector failures and causes.

But just what options do you have? How do you know you're getting the best? We're taking you through how to choose the right injectors for your engine. 

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Non-OEM Quality Injectors

So, is there a difference between injectors built to OEM standards and other third party injectors on the market? 

In short, yes there is.

After intense testing, it was found that those other injectors just don't hold up. In fact, after receiving a thorough run test, more than 50% failed. These failures could cause major problems for your diesel engine, including:

  • Loss of power
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Failure to operate after a short amount of time
  • Increased noise
  • No start
  • Smoke
  • Engine damage
  • Exhaust system damage

The injectors might not fail right away, but eventually they will. One failed injector could lead to an entire engine failure. Is that a risk you want to take with your diesel engine?

The following images show you the differences between injectors that fall within OE standards, like those from Bosch, and injectors that don't:


armature_1 | Highway & Heavy Parts

armature_2 common rail fuel injector | Highway & Heavy Parts


In image 1, we see a new Bosch reman injector armature. In image 2, we see an armature from a reman not done to OE specifications. You can see the varnishing and corrosion, which can lead to poor operation. 


sealing_surface_1common rail fuel injector | Highway & Heavy Parts

sealing_surface_2 common rail fuel injector | Highway & Heavy Parts

The above images show the sealing surface for valve bodies. Image 1 is a new valve body from a quality option built to OE specs. Image 2 is not. You can see that the sealing surface has been reground to remove wear, which alters the sealing surface and impacts performance. This is all before installation. 


valve_body_1 common rail fuel injector | Highway & Heavy Parts

valve_body_2 common rail fuel injector | Highway & Heavy Parts

Finally, we see a comparison of a valve body built to OE specs (Image 1) and one that isn't (Image 2). In the non-OEM approved injector, note that the manufacturer has inserted a used part with discoloration, corrosion, and pitting. This can lead to friction during operation, negatively affecting performance.

Not sure if you need common rail injectors? Read our post on the differences between common rail and unit injectors.

Your Diesel Common Rail Injector Options

When you're shopping for injectors, you generally have a few different options. Those include:

  • New Injectors: The new injectors we carry from Bosch are industry standard and provide superior power and durability. These injectors are manufactured to OE specifications.
  • Remanufactured Injectors: If you're shopping for remanufactured injectors, it's important that you buy from a reputable dealer to ensure that all wearable parts and critical components have been replaced. This is not a guarantee across the board. Our remanufactured injectors from Bosch, for example, are produced in the same facility as their new injectors. They replace all the critical components and wearable parts, and they use the latest OE production technology. This ensures that they meet all the emissions requirements, and they can even be superior to the OE injectors you're replacing.
  • Rebuilt Injectors: It's also an option to use rebuilt fuel injectors. A rebuilt injector doesn't have as many components replaced in it as a remanufactured one, but if purchased from a reputable dealer, will still meet OE performance requirements. 

Check out our post to learn more on the differences between rebuilt, remanufactured, and refurbished


Highway & Heavy Parts now carries Bosch common rail fuel injectors for your diesel engine. Give us a call today to learn more about options for your application.  

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