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Does Your Diesel Repair Shop Stand Out From the Competition?

Customers like choices. They like to know that they are getting the best service for the best price, and they'll work to find the business that provides that to them. business stand out light bulbs | Highway & Heavy Parts

But there's a lot that goes into being the diesel repair shop with the best service, and it's not always about the price of services. A lot of times it's about what makes you different from your competition. What makes you unique.

That's what will keep customers coming back to your shop time and time again. And it's what will make your business more attractive to potential buyers. 

That's right, future buyers prefer a business that stands out from the competition, a shop that has something unique to offer to its customers. That is one of the indicators of a healthy business. 

So, whether you're planning for the eventual sale of your business, or you just want to build value for your repair shop, figuring out what makes you different can be a good place to start. 

Not sure what this entails? We're taking you through what makes a business stand out and what you can do to help your diesel repair shop gain an edge over the competition. 


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What Helps a Business Stand Out?

When you think about your own habits as a consumer, what makes you return to the same business over and over again? Part of it is probably price, yes, but it's likely more than that. 

The experience customers receive when they frequent a business is just as important as the price they pay. They want to be treated well and they want to feel valued. Oftentimes, repair shops mistakenly think that the way to bring in more customers is to lower their prices. And yes, having low prices can definitely bring customers in.

At least for a time. But that's not a sustainable growth plan. It ends up being a race to the bottom between you and your competition. Suddenly, you're not making enough money to keep your business going, even though your bays are always full. 

So, yes, make sure that your pricing structure is competitive, but don't think that's the only way you can control the market. 

Customers are willing to pay a little more for quality service. Businesses that have experienced employees and whose work is consistently great have a better chance at retaining customers. And, if their employees are experienced, they have better justification for charging more. 

In the end, what makes a business stand out is a combination of price, quality of goods and service, and the overall experience of frequenting your business.


Why Market Control is Important to Buyers

If you're planning to sell your diesel repair shop any time in the near future (or even the not-so-near future, it's good to be prepared!) then you're probably wanting to do everything you can to make it more attractive to buyers. And to get the highest price you can for it. 

Making your shop stand out and controlling a larger portion of the market can help your business to be worth more. 

Businesses that have a larger share of the market are going to be the ones bringing in more profit than their competitors. This makes them an even more attractive business to purchase, because more customers will be going to them. This is especially true if there's something about your shop that is different from your competitors. 

That's because not only are you getting more customers into your shop, you also have something that the competition doesn't, ensuring the customers are going to keep coming in. Whether it's more specialized service or a better atmosphere in your waiting area, having something that distinguishes you from the crowd can help you make more money on the sale of your business.

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How to Make Your Diesel Repair Shop Stand Out

So, you're probably wondering just how you go about making your shop stand out, then. There are quite a few things you can do, and the ideas here are by no means exhaustive. In the end, evaluate your shop and what you do well, and run with it. 

Here are some ideas of  how you can make your shop unique:

  • Your shop could have the most experienced technicians. This would come down to either hiring the right staff, or training your existing techs to be as knowledgeable as possible. You could create an atmosphere of teaching/cooperation in your shop between your techs and the customer. Helping them to understand what's wrong with their engine can make them feel more in control of the repair, and in turn keep them coming back to your shop.
  • You could specialize on a certain type of repair. Not that you can't offer a full range of service, but you could be known for doing one type really well. When a customer comes in for that service, you could then educate them on everything else you offer.
  • Change the waiting room experience. What does your current waiting area look like? Is it comfortable? Do you have any refreshments?  If a customer has to sit and wait for their repair, they're going to prefer to do it in a place that's comfortable. If they can sit in a clean, well-decorated area with a cup of coffee watching TV, they'll remember. And they might come back.
  • Offer vehicle pickup and delivery services. This can make it more convenient for customers to use your shop versus the other guys. In today’s fast-paced business environment, convenience and speed are in high demand. They may even be willing to pay for it—providing you with an additional revenue source.

With a lot of these ideas, it'll take some specific marketing to make the customers aware of them. This is especially true if they're changes your making. Become active on social media. Create a referral program. Let people know what makes you unique!

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