How Do You Know When It's Time to Replace Your Diesel Engine Fuel Injectors?


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Has your diesel engine just not been performing like it used to? Maybe you've noticed a drop in fuel economy, or other new issues. There's a chance that you might need to replace your common rail injectors. 

These vital components are key to a properly functioning engine, ensuring that the combustion process happens as it should. If they aren't working right, you're going to notice a change in the way your engine performs. 

So, is it time to replace those injectors? We're taking you through some of the symptoms you should know!

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When is it Time to Replace Your Common Rail Injectors? 

You're probably wondering just how you know when to replace your injectors. Here are a few things that can indicate it might be time to have your common rail injectors looked at.

One symptom you might notice right away is poor fuel efficiency. You might also see blue smoke coming out of your exhaust.

If you smell raw fuel coming out of your exhaust, it's time to have your injectors checked.

Have you ever noticed fuel in your oil? If so, you might want to take a look at your injectors. This is because you have the potential for excess fuel to get into your cylinders, and then dropping down into your crankcase. It can also cause return leaks, if it's underneath the valve cover, getting into your crank that way.


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Engine misfires can be a clear sign that you need to replace your diesel injectors as well. You can have one or two cylinders down, or it can just be a wiring harness as well, but it's always something to check.

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How Often Should Diesel Injectors Be Replaced?

If you're purchasing a good-quality fuel injector, it should last you around 95,000 miles. We recommend having a professional inspect your injectors once you hit that mark to verify their condition. For optimal injector performance, don't ignore any warning signs, and make sure to use high-quality fuel!

What Should You Do About Failed Common Rail Injectors

So just what should you do if you have a failing common rail injector system? 

If you have any of these symptoms, you should have your vehicle scanned, if it's possible. Have your injectors sent in for testing at a certified location.

Doing this can help you to diagnose exactly what's going on in your diesel engine, and help you to not only fix the problem now, but to better understand what went wrong, so you can help prevent it from being an issue again. 

If you find that you need new injectors, Highway & Heavy Parts can help! We have a great selection of replacement injectors for your diesel engine. Our on-staff ASE Certified Technicians can help make sure you're getting the right injectors for your application. Having your engine serial number on hand can help make sure you get the right parts the first time you order, and it can speed up the ordering process.

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