About the CAT C15/C15 ACERT/3406E Diesel Engine Cylinder Head

Are you looking for a new cylinder head? 

If so, you're probably overhauling your engine. Or maybe you've got a blown head gasket, or cracks between your exhaust valves. These are all things that lead to cylinder head replacements. 

Today we're going through this cylinder head for your Caterpillar C15, C15 ACERT, or 3406E diesel engine. 

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What's the Purpose of a Cylinder Head?

Before we dive into the details of this specific part, we're going to go through what a cylinder head does in your diesel engine. 

This component is what allows for combustion to happen in your engine. It sits on top of the engine block, and includes your intake valves, your exhaust valves, and your fuel injectors (these go through the center of your cylinder head).

It's vital that these components all work together for combustion to happen properly. Essentially, clean fresh air is brought in through your intake valves, then the injectors inject fuel, and then the exhaust valves open to let out the spent air/fuel mixture. 

The cylinder head is pivotal in this process, and a damaged or cracked head can disrupt combustion and cause problems in your engine. 

Want to know more about cylinder heads? Read our post on the purpose of cylinder heads in diesel engines. 


About the CAT C15/C15 ACERT/3406E Cylinder Head


cat cylinder head unbox | Highway & Heavy Parts


As we mentioned earlier, this particular cylinder head is designed to fit on your Caterpillar C15, your C15 ACERT, or your 3406E diesel engine. 

It's a new head that's crafted with higher nickel content for increased strength and durability.

It comes with new intake and exhaust valves, as well as new valve keepers, spring retainers, and new valve springs. It also has pre-installed cam bearings. 

This head has wider fluid passages, and a thicker deck for enhanced coolant flow. This all brings you the long-lasting power you want out of your diesel engine. 

Like we said earlier, this head comes with all brand new components and we've got the components to make this job complete. This includes parts like your valve bridges.

These sit across the top of the valves, and they have a tendency to wear. The top of the stem wears and the bottom of the valve bridge wears, but they never wear perfectly flat. You never want to put old valve bridges on a brand new perfectly flat head.


cat cylinder head valve bridges


Among other things, you might also consider a new spacer plate, new head bolts, or new injector hold down bolts. These bolts are a one time use bolt. They stretch when you torque them, and they won't hold the same torque the second time. You'll need to replace these bolts when you replace your cylinder head. 

Curious about whether it's okay to reuse your head bolts? Check out our blog about when you can use head bolts again!

If all this isn't enough, this cylinder head comes with a 1-year, unlimited mile warranty and is up to 50% off the OEM prices!

So if you're looking for a new head for your Caterpillar engine, Highway & Heavy Parts can help!


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