About the Cat C15/C15 ACERT/3406E Stage 3 Performance Diesel Engine Cylinder Head

Are you running a Caterpillar C15, C15 ACERT, or 3406E diesel engine? Maybe you've taken the time to change some of the components, like an upgraded turbocharger, a marine cam, bigger fuel injectors, or a high performance manifold.

If you've made some of these upgrades, you probably want a cylinder head that can handle the increased performance.

Then you'll want to check out our line of performance cylinder heads for the CAT 3406E/C15/C15 ACERT.

We've talked about the standard cylinder head for these applications, as well as the benefits of the Stage 2 head. In this post, we're going to walk you through what makes the Stage 3 Performance Head so great!

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About the Stage 3 Performance Cylinder Head


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So, just what is it about our performance heads that make them stand up to the demands of a high performance engine? 

Like we mentioned with the Stage 2 head, this line includes the use of inconel material in the valves. You see inconel material used most frequently in racing, turbo-charged, super-charged, and boosted applications. 

And what makes the Stage 3 head really stand out is that all the valves have been upgraded to inconel material, not just the exhaust valves. 


stage 3 cat head new intake and exhaust valves | Highway & Heavy Parts


This head builds off a strong foundation. There is increased coolant flow in the castings, as well as a higher nickel content. This means the casting is going to be much improved over the original. 

As you may know, when a valve is pushed to perform beyond its temperature and pressure capabilities, chordal fracture can occur. To help avoid this issue, the Stages 2, 3, and 4 Performance Cylinder heads will use inconel material in the valves. The use of inconel results in a stronger, more robust cylinder head that will go the distance.

You've invested a lot in your engine. Let us give you the security you need that your head is going to hold up, and that it can handle the horsepower you've created with your upgraded components (your turbo, your injectors, your camshaft, your manifold). If you've upgraded your engine to have higher horsepower above and beyond the standard, then this cylinder head is going to give you some peace of mind that your investment is going to stay together without problems.

Curious about the differences between the engine applications this head fits on? Check out our post on the differences between the C15, C15 ACERT, and 3406E.


The Benefits of the Stage 3 Performance Cylinder Head

Need more convincing? Here are some of the great benefits you get with this cylinder head.

It fits on all your Caterpillar 3406E, C15, and C15 ACERT applications, and, as we mentioned, it is installed with new inconel intake and exhaust valves. This means you've got components that are stronger and more durable than stainless steel.

This head is designed for higher horsepower applications, and it maintains structural integrity under high pressure and stress. It also resists corrosion, oxidation, pitting, and cracking. 


stage 3 cat head oem specs | Highway & Heavy Parts


With this head, you're also getting new components. This means new valve springs, new spring retainers, and new valve keepers. You're also going to get the cam bearings pre-installed. 

This head is crafted with a higher nickel content, so you're going to get the increased strength and durability you're looking for!

Assembled in the USA and built to OEM specifications, this diesel engine cylinder head comes with a 1-year parts warranty. And you can save up to 50% off OEM pricing. 

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