What is Inconel Material in Your Diesel Engine?

We get it. You want the best parts made from the best materials for your diesel engine to keep you running for miles and miles. 

If you've upgraded the horsepower in your engine, then you'll probably want to consider a cylinder head with inconel valves. We've talked about this material a lot recently with regard to our performance line of cylinder heads. But just what is it? Why is it beneficial to have valves made from inconel material in your engine? 

In this post, we're taking you through what inconel material is and why you might want to consider upgrading your cylinder head to one that has inconel valves. 

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So, What is Inconel Material?

So, with Caterpillar engines and cylinder heads in particular, we get a fair amount of questions on what inconel material is and what the difference is between standard material and inconel material. People want to know if inconel is a stronger, more reliable upgrade. Do they actually need valves made with inconel material?

To answer these questions, which go along with our performance line of cylinder heads—the Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4 that all feature inconel valve material—it's important to understand what inconel material is. In short, it's an alloy used in high temperature, high stress applications to help prevent cracking and valve failure. 

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Inconel valves are becoming a popular upgrade in the diesel industry due to turbocharged and high performance engines. We've mentioned chordal fracture in some of our previous posts, which can occur when valves are pushed past their intended operating limits. Using this stronger, more durable material can help prevent chordal fracture from occurring in your engine. You can rest a little easier knowing your valves can handle your engine's upgraded horsepower. 

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Do I Need Inconel Valves in My Diesel Engine?


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There are some cases where inconel valve material could be very beneficial to the health of your diesel engine. 

This is especially true if you're running an engine where you've upgraded some of the components to turn out more horsepower. This creates a situation where standard valves might be pushed beyond their limits. We're talking about engines that have upgraded to a bigger turbo, or a marine cam, or bigger injectors. 

If that describes your engine, it might be wise to consider our Stage 2 head with inconel exhaust valves, our Stage 3 head with inconel exhaust and intake valves, or our Stage 4 fire ring head with inconel exhaust and intake valves. These valves will give you peace of mind when you're turning out a lot of horsepower. 

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