What You Need to Know About the Cummins ISX Reman Fuel Injectors


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If you've checked out our other posts this month, you know that we're bringing you answers to questions we receive from the customers we talk to everyday. Today, we're bringing you one of our most popular injectors, one that we ship daily: the Cummins ISX Reman Fuel Injector. 

These injectors are widely used for on-highway applications and have gone through a number of changes in their history, implementing new technologies and reducing emissions. 

We sell a number of different models, so when you contact us for a new set of injectors, be sure to have your engine serial number ready. 

Read on to learn more about this popular injector for your Cummins ISX diesel engine. You can also check out our video for more information:



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Details about the Reman Fuel Injector for the ISX

Are you looking for the details on injectors for your ISX diesel engine? We'll take you through some of the benefits that help make this injector so popular. 

First, as with every fuel injector that we sell, these injectors are fully dissassembled, thoroughly inspected, and cleaned to perfection. 

100% of the critical components are replaced inside the injector. We make sure that you're getting a true remanufactured diesel engine part that you can install on your truck with confidence.

This injector comes with a new spill valve, solenoid, NOP spring, washer, shims, screws, and stop.

Every step of the remanufacturing process is followed to strict OEM specifications that meet or exceed their standards. This ensures that you´re getting a properly fitting and functioning fuel injector for your Cummins ISX.




Each injector is 100% functionality tested for fuel delivery, fuel injection pressure, and timing. Backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty, it´s obvious Highway & Heavy Parts goes the extra mile to ensure we´re providing you with quality diesel engine parts that are equal or better than OE. And at a much lower cost.

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Installing Your ISX Injectors

If you've gotten new injectors, you're probably wondering how they should be installed. We have a whole article dedicated to installing ISX injectors, but here's a general overview:


  1. Installation begins with the injector out of the head
  2. If you're re-using your injectors, be sure to replace the o-rings
  3. Clean the bore of the injector hole with a brush
  4. Clean the bore with a shop towel to remove any remaining soot or debris
  5. Lube the injector o-rings with engine oil
  6. Carefully align the injector in the injector bore
  7. Place the hold down and begin the cap screw
  8. Install the rocker shaft assemblies and set the valve injector settings

The exact install procedure can vary from engine to engine, so be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions and recommendations. 


Be sure to give us a call if you need a set of new injectors for your Cummins ISX. Again, we carry a number of ISX injectors, so have your engine serial number ready when ordering online or over the phone. 


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