Aftermarket Vs. OEM Diesel Engine Parts: Off-highway and Construction


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For a long time, job-site foremen and independent mechanics have assumed that the best quality parts come from the OEM. And maybe at one time that was true. 

We've all heard the horror stories of scrap metal being labelled an "aftermarket part" and shipped to unsuspecting customers. And those parts would fail right after install. Those instances have left a lot of people wary of aftermarket parts suppliers. It's just not a risk most people want to take with their off-highway and construction diesel engines. 

But, as a supplier of quality aftermarket parts, we know that that's not the case everywhere anymore. We take pride in making sure our customers get the best quality parts possible.

So, just what is the difference? That's what we want to show you! In the end, it can save you time on the job, and most importantly, money. 

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Quality Diesel Engine Parts


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In the end, what we're all looking for are quality parts that can handle whatever you throw at it. And for years, that quality has meant OEM parts.

The OEM stands on its reputation for quality. But really, the only advantage they have over quality aftermarket parts is that name stamped into the side of components. There's not much of a difference otherwise any more.

In fact, many OEMs don't even make their own parts in house. They contract it out to manufacturers—so there's not really such a thing as a genuine OEM part any more. 

Even more, those manufacturers the OEM contract with make a lot of our parts. So, they're made exactly the same way, in the same facility, meeting, and sometime exceeding, OEM specifications. 

With a quality aftermarket supplier like HHP, any updates or improvements to the diesel engine component from the OEM will be included in the aftermarket specifications. In the end, you'll be getting a better working part for less. Isn't that the kind of quality you want on your jobsite?

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What About the Warranty?

Some aftermarket parts are notorious for coming with little or no warranty. But, with a quality aftermarket supplier like HHP, you'll be getting a great warranty on your parts, often exceeding what you'd get from the OEM. 

Oftentimes, you'll get a 6-12 month warranty on your new parts from the OEM. And that might reassure that you're covered. But wouldn't it be better to have an even longer warranty?

Our suppliers stand behind the quality of their parts so much that the warranty is often double that of the OEM. That gives you peace of mind that what you're installing into your machine can handle anything you throw at it!

And, even more importantly, you'll be saving anywhere from 30-50% off OEM pricing with aftermarket parts.


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