Diesel Engine Common Rail and Unit Fuel Injectors for Detroit Diesel - A Closer Look

Are you looking for new fuel injectors for your Detroit Diesel engine? 

Highway & Heavy Parts carries a wide selection of injectors for your diesel engine needs, and we're proud to offer a line a high quality, Genuine Bosch injectors! You can always expect high quality testing and performance from Bosch.

Today, we're going to be taking you through the specifics of a couple of these injector options, including a Remanufactured Bosch Unit Injector for the Detroit Diesel Series 50/60 and a Remanufactured Bosch Common Rail Fuel Injector for your DD 15/16.



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About the Bosch Reman Unit Injector


dd 50 60 fuel injector | Highway & Heavy Parts


As we mentioned, this injector is for the Detroit Diesel Series 50/60. It has high torque, even at low speeds. It is built to meet or exceed OE performance and durability, and all wearable components are replaced with new OE parts. 

If you're noticing clogged filters, dark fuel, loss of power, or RPM, then it's possible you have bad quality diesel fuel running through your engine. This can cause your injectors to be damaged or fail. To avoid further damage, always keep your injectors performing optimally. 

If you're worried about performance, this injector comes with a 1-year, unlimited mileage warrant. 

Do your old injectors have carbon tracking? It's possible that they weren't torqued down correctly or the seats weren't clean or flat prior to installation. This causes combustion gas to leak or o-rings to fail.

Failed o-rings can cause leaks. Sometimes you can replace just the o-rings, but normally the o-ring is just the result, not the cause. You may end up needing a full injector or injector cup replacement. The injector comes with new o-rings.

Don't reuse bolts, as they can stretch and you won't get a correct torque setting. 

After you replace the injector, make sure the engine runs properly and there aren't any fuel leaks. 

And also, make sure that you're putting your trim code in your ECM for optimum performance of this injector.

Want to know more about trim codes? Check out our post explaining what fuel injector trim codes are.


About the Bosch Reman Common Rail Fuel Injector


dd15 16 fuel injector | Highway & Heavy Parts


The second injector we're talking about today fits applications DD16 15.6L / DD15 14.6L and this one also comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty. 

This injector was built to meet or exceed OE performance and durability. It meets emission requirements, and it was produced and tested using the latest Bosch Technology.

A very common problem we see is poor fuel filtration. Poor filtration or fuel quality can cause ball seat erosion on your injector, which can cause starting, idling, or smoking issues. Ultimately, this will require replacement. 

Before installing new injectors, it's important to check the fuel line for any damage. Also, make sure there is no debris or oil residue left from the previous injector. 

The o-rings are included with this injector. You will need to replace the hold down bolts, which are not included. 

During install, make sure you seat the injector in the cylinder head and align it between the two springs. You want the injector to be perfectly aligned with the hole that the fuel line will go in. Wait to torque it until you have made sure it is perfectly aligned. 

Always address any problems you find as soon as as possible, because they can be dangerous once the engine is hot. 

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When you're in the middle of a long haul, you don't want to be stuck on the side of the road because you installed injectors that weren't manufactured and tested using Bosch equipment and technology. Get your genuine Bosch injectors from Highway & Heavy Parts and drive with confidence. 


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