About the Bosch Diesel Engine Denoxtronic 2.2 Dosing Module and Supply Module


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At Highway & Heavy Parts, we do parts differently! We won't sell you just any part. We won't just sell you the lowest price part. And we certainly won't sell you a part from an inferior supplier. 

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That's why we're pleased to announce that Highway & Heavy Parts now offers genuine Bosch Exhaust Gas Treatment components for Heavy Duty Diesel applications.

In this post, we're featuring the Bosch Denoxtronic 2.2 Dosing and Supply Modules for Cummins engines. The unique thing about these parts is that one part is designed to work with multiple Cummins engine applications. 

You read that right—multiple engines, one solution!


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What are the Supply and Dosing Modules?

For a little background info on these components and the Exhaust Gas Treatment system, we need to go back to 2010. That's when the Environmental Protection Agency mandated that the worldwide limit for emissions from motor vehicles be continuously reduced. 

To address the requirements for lower emissions, Bosch developed the Denoxtronic system, which quickly became the leading OEM emissions solution, utilizing Selective Catalytic Reduction technology. 

The Bosch Denoxtronic system is an important part of the exhuast gas treatment system in commercial and off-highway vehicles. 

It controls and doses the injection of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, such as AdBlue, into the exhaust gas stream to reduce NOx emissions. 


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The Denoxtronic 2.2  system is comprised of the Supply Module, the SCR catalytic converter, and the Dosing Module. 

According to the operating state of the engine and the emission values, the right quantity of DEF is injected into the SCR catalytic converter. A chemical reaction in the SCR catalytic converter reduces the emission values in the exhaust gas.

Nitrogen oxide and ammonia are transformed into water and nitrogen. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a solution made from urea and demineralized water. Bosch Denoxtronic filters protect the entire Denoxtronic system and remove particles from AdBlue. This ensures that the dosing solution is optimized and effective. 

The filters should be replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. This is often overlooked, and should be a key part of the vehicle's overall maintenance program.

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What's Unique About the Denoxtronic System?


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As we mentioned earlier, one unique feature about this system is that Bosch designed it so that one Dosing Module part number works with multiple Cummins engines. Similarly, one Supply Module part number works with multiple Cummins engines. 


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This means, if you're a repair shop, you can stock up on these parts, so you're prepared for whatever comes into the shop needing EGT service, effectively reducing your customer's downtimes and increasing your productivity. 

Be sure to inspect all the Denoxtronic components before replacing just one single part. You want peace-of-mind knowing your rig won't get stuck in the dreaded "limp mode." 

In addition to Cummins, we also offer Denoxtronic Supply Modules and Dosing Modules for Agco, Caterpillar, Perkins, Case/New Holland, John Deere, Doosan/Bobcat, Hino, Isuzu, Mack, and Volvo.

Common rail systems have become state-of-the-art in modern commercial vehicles. This offers huge potential for every diesel repair shop, as these components are also subject to wear. Highway & Heavy Parts can supply Bosch component packages for common rail systems of almost any vehicle manufacturer. 

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No matter the application, here at HHP, we're committed to providing our expert knowledge and exceptional customer service to get you the right part, at the right time, the first time! With the highest quality parts and the lowest warranty rate in the business, HHP takes the risk out of buying diesel engine parts. 

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