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When we talk about oil pumps, most people think of the component in the oil pan that supplies oil to the bearings and the crankshaft. But, with a high pressure system, you actually have two oil pumps on your engine.

What we're talking about today is the high-pressure oil pump that supplies the fuel system. 

We're going to take you through this Genuine Bosch Unit Pump for your Ford Powerstroke 7.3L and your Navistar/International T444E and cover some of the questions we often get about this component. 


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What is the High-Pressure System?

The pump we're looking at is a unit pump designed for high-pressure fuel-injection systems. Bosch began production of these systems in 1995, and it was an evolution driven by emissions requirements. 

You get a lot of benefits for your diesel engine from a high-pressure system, including:

  • Low Emissions
  • Better Fuel Consumption
  • Simple and Fast Pump Replacements

On older engines, the system was a lot more complicated. These engines would have a large mechanical pump on the side, and the system was almost like a mini-engine. It had a lot of moving parts inside, which created more opportunities for failure. 

With a high-pressure system, we've gotten rid of those rotating parts, and now we have a pump that transmits its pressure via hydraulics.

So, instead of relying on a camshaft for a mechanical transmission of power, we've got hydraulic transmission of power. 

This simpler system reduces the amount of failure points and makes for much easier service—you only have a one-cylinder repair. 

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Failures You Might Experience With a High-Pressure Oil Pump

So you're probably wondering about the possible failures with this system. There are some places where you might run into problems with your unit pump.

For starters, it runs off the same oil that the rest of the engine uses. This is one of the downsides of this system: there is a cross in the operation where fuel and oil run together.

It's important to pay attention to oil change intervals. Because it's all the same oil, it's breaking down more quickly and you might be getting more contaminants into your oil.

Your engine might start burning more oil and suddenly there might not be enough oil in the system. You'll notice that your engine starts to run poorly, you'll be getting bad fuel mileage, and your injectors can wear out more quickly. There are a lot of opportunities for failure if you don't have proper oil lubrication. 

Over time, you can also get fuel dilution. By using the same oil throughout the engine, it can get thinned out and cause problems. It's also not uncommon to have leaks. If you have a leak, you'll be dropping pressure, which can affect your injection pressure, your injection timing, and other parts of the system.

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What are the Benefits of This Reman Pump?


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On engines like the Ford Powerstroke 7.3L and Navistar/International T444E that use a high pressure oil pump, you'll likely see the following benefits:

  • Quieter Ride
  • Lower Emissions
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Higher Torque
  • Clean and Efficient Fuel Injection
  • High Engine Performance

We know that you want the best parts for your diesel engine. That's why Highway & Heavy Parts sells Genuine Bosch Unit Pumps. These pumps are:

  • Built to Meet or Exceed OE Performance and Durability
  • Remanufactured with Upgrades to Components and Specs
  • Produced and Tested Using the Latest Bosch Technology

When you buy a Genuine Bosch oil pump from Highway & Heavy Parts, you'll be getting a genuine OE replacement part—the same part as the OE supplier.

Backed by an industry leading warranty and expert advice from ASE Certified Technicians, at HHP we take the risk out of buying parts. 


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