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When your fuel pump fails, your whole diesel engine goes down and you're losing valuable time and money. 

Considering the tight tolerances and abundance of moving parts, diesel fuel pumps have a lot of opportunities to fail. Often, the main cause of failure is due to poor quality or contaminated diesel fuel. Proper fuel hygiene and fuel system maintenance is critical to keeping you diesel engine running at peak performance.

If your pump is failing, you might notice:

  • Rough Running Engine
  • Hard Starting
  • Engine Misfires
  • Engine Stalls
  • Engine Stoppage
  • Overall Loss of Engine Power
  • Excessive Exhaust Smoke
  • Unusual Engine Noises 

So, what happens when your pump fails? Highway & Heavy Parts has the answer for you! In this post. we're taking you through your reman fuel pump options for your John Deere engine applications. 


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John Deere Fuel Pump Options




With this pump, you're getting an OE quality pump at a significantly lower price. Our pumps are thoroughly tested and calibrated, so you can rest easy knowing you'll get the great performance you want.

This pump is remanufactured using the latest OEM technology, equipment, and tools, and all wearable and damaged parts are replaced with new components. You'll be getting a remanufactured pump that runs like new!




When your fuel pump fails, you want to know that you're getting a quality part that will fix your problem. When you buy this pump from Highway & Heavy Parts, you'll be getting a component built by a reputable, OE-certified manufacturer, using the latest OE-approved diagnostic, calibration, and testing equipment available. 

Do you want a pump that meets or exceeds original OEM specifications? That's what this pump delivers. And you'll be getting it for a fraction of the OEM price. Combine that with an industry-leading 1-year warranty and technical advice from our ASE Certified Techs, and you'll be getting the best value around!




What are you looking for in a fuel pump? With this pump from HHP, you'll get a part that is:

  • Built to meet or exceed OE performance and durability
  • Has wearable components replaced with new OE parts
  • Remanufactured with upgrades to components and OEM specs
  • Meets emissions requirements
  • Produced and testing using the most recent OE equipment and technology
  • Improved fuel economy and higher torque
  • High engine performance and quiet running


You'll also being paying a fraction of what you would at the OEM dealer for the same quality part. Doesn't that make more sense to you?




Are you shopping for a new fuel pump for your John Deere diesel engine? Thinking about just buying straight from the OEM? You'd be missing out on some of the great benefits of buying from HHP, including:

  • Genuine OE replacement parts
  • Parts built to meet or exceed OEM specs
  • A fraction of the cost of OEM dealer prices
  • Free core returns
  • Expert advice from ASE Certified Technicians
  • Huge inventory for one-source shopping
  • Fast and easy ordering—call or shop online
  • Fast shipping
  • Industry leading 1-year warranty

If you want great service and the best quality part at the best price for your Deere, check out this pump from Highway & Heavy Parts! We take the risk out of buying diesel engine parts!




This remanufactured fuel pump will keep your tractor running right! Worried about durability? This pump is built to meet or exceed OE performance and durability. You'll also be getting the latest OE upgrades and components. 

This component has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that we're bringing you only the best parts available. We only sell diesel fuel system components from reputable, OE-certified manufacturers, so you don't have to worry about subpar components! HHP has your back!

Want a great warranty for added peace of mind? This pump comes with an industry leading 1-year warranty and is a fraction of the cost of the OEM. You'll save money without sacrificing quality when you shop at HHP.


Don't see a fuel pump for your diesel engine on this list? We have ASE Certified Techs on staff who can help you find the right pump for your engine! We're here to make sure you're getting the parts you need.


If you  need a fuel pump or any other diesel engine replacement part, we can help! Give our ASE Certified Techs a call at 844-304-7688. Or, you can request a quote online.

Edited November 18, 2020