Diesel Engine Product Spotlight: Case Skid Steer Common Rail Injectors and High-Pressure Pump


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Skid steers are an invaluable piece of equipment, used on almost every construction site and farm operation. They perform many different tasks in every kind of work environment imaginable. 

Whether on the farm or on the construction site, skid steer engines really take a beating and require a lot of maintenance to meet the demands put on them. 

So, today we're covering our line of Genuine Bosch Common Rail Injectors and High-Pressure Pumps for Case Skid Steer models SR220, SR250, SV250, SV300, TR320, and TV380.

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Why You Might Need to Replace Your Skid Steer Fuel System Components

Let's face it, Skid Steers aren't always at the top of the list on your maintenance schedule, and they're always operating under rugged, dirty conditions.

This makes them vulnerable to getting debris in the common rail fuel system, resulting in contamination and corrosion. This presents a big problem for these engines, and sooner or later you're going to see symptoms like a rough running engine, hard starting, misfires, stalls, excessive exhaust smoke, unusual noises, and loss of power. 

These symptoms can be indicators of an even bigger problem—a failure in your fuel system. More specifically, with your fuel injectors or fuel pump. And if not diagnosed and repaired properly, it can lead to serious engine damage and expensive repairs. This puts you and your skid steer out of work.

Think your injectors are failing? Read our in-depth look at common rail fuel injector problems.

Regular parts maintenance and clean diesel fuel are the key factors in keeping the fuel systems in these engines running right.

But when push comes to shove, you want quality, affordable diesel fuel system parts that can handle hard working environments, and you want them fast!

That's why Highway & Heavy Parts now carries Genuine Bosch Common Rail Injectors and Fuel Pumps for the most popular Case Skid Steers.

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About Bosch Fuel System Components from HHP


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The Bosch Modular Common Rail system is essentially comprised of 4 system components that have been specially designed for use in on-highway and off-highway vehicles:

  1. The Injectors
  2. The High-Pressure Rail
  3. The High-Pressure Pump
  4. The Electronic Engine Control Unit

No matter if it's commercial, on-highway, agriculture, construction, or marine, we can find you the best part for your engine application. 

One of our best selling Bosch Common Rail Injectors for Case Skid Steers is the same injector supplied by the OEM. It's built with upgraded OE parts and tested using the latest OE technology and specifications. It's guaranteed to meet emissions requirements and match OE performance. Since it was built with upgraded OE components, it may even perform better than your original injector. 

With an inlet metered pump, you'll get a highly efficient injector with improved fuel economy, higher torque, and reduced engine noise. 

The same goes for our Bosch High-Pressure Fuel Pump. Like our injectors, it meets or exceeds all OEM specifications for exceptional performance and lower emissions. 

Also built to Bosch OE standards, with updated parts and brand new wearable components, you can be confident you're getting a reliable, durable fuel pump that's going to work as hard as your skid steer.

Don't sacrifice quality to get the best price possible! We have it all right here—Genuine Bosch OE replacement parts for a fraction of the OEM dealer cost, backed by an industry-leading warranty!


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