Highway and Heavy Parts has expanded its coverage for all Caterpillar C12 engine applications.

Included are the additions of camshafts, injectors, and cylinder heads to our already extensive catalog of C12 parts.

C12 Rebuild Kit: 

Our C12 rebuild kit features all of the parts required to breathe new life into a tired engine including cylinder kits, rod bearings, main bearings, thrust plates and a custom gasket set. These convenient and competitively priced kits also contain forged steel piston crowns for maximum strength and durability. The cylinder liners are induction hardened for maximum wear resistance and the kit is backed by an industry-leading warranty that lasts four times longer than other competitors.
Remanufactured C12 cylinder heads are a particularly popular item. In order to ensure the strength and durability of these heads, we use a re-casting process rather than the traditional welding process. In addition, they come with new parts installed including valves, guides, seats, springs, keepers, and injector tubes. Theyre also backed by a one-year warranty.

C12 Camshafts:

C12 camshafts are now in stock as well. Camshafts are an item that is often overlooked when it comes to an engine rebuild. A worn camshaft can rob as much as 20 percent of an engines horsepower. It also can cause a huge reduction in fuel economy. Camshafts from HHP are unique in that they were built by following the same exact process as the original engine manufacturer.

C12 Fuel Injectors: 

Rounding out our expanded list of C12 parts are fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are a particularly important maintenance item when it comes to rebuilding a diesel engine. The more miles that are put on an injector, the more likely it is that the injector tip or the plunger and barrel assembly is worn. This causes power loss and a reduction in fuel economy. Injectors from HHP are completely rebuilt to ensure that they deliver the power and performance that you demand from your engine.

We have continued our focus on value with the C12 parts lineup by providing OEM quality components for 30 percent less than leading competitors. Theres a reason why our customers are recommending Highway and Heavy Parts (HHP) over and over again when it comes time to rebuild their diesel engine.

For more information on C12 engine parts (or any other diesel engine components), you can visit HHPs website (http://www.highwayandheavyparts.com) or call us toll free at 844-304-7688 to speak with one of our qualified professionals. HHP specializes in rebuild kits, cylinder heads, camshafts, crankshafts, fuel injectors, turbochargers, and gasket sets. Coverage includes: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and International engines for On-highway, Off-highway, Marine, Power Generation and Natural Gas Markets