Highway and Heavy Parts Midland Michigan is proud to introduce all new engine sealing products for the Ford Power Stroke, Chevrolet and General Motors Duramax Diesel Engines.  Black Diamond coating technology, 5-Layer Multi-Layered Steel and rubber coated single-layer stainless steel with embossment are some of the many advantages provided by these new sealing solutions.  With this latest release Highway and Heavy Parts significantly increases coverage for this very popular engine market.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond coating seals and impregnates into the mating component surface where it decreases friction forces and allows controlled sliding of the matting components relative to the gasket without the fretting or damage to the aluminum engine components.  Black Diamond coating is soft enough for cold sealing and features maximum adhesion, increased durability and temperature resistance as well as being resistant to engine fluids including gas, oil and coolant.

5-Layer Multi-Layered Steel Head Gaskets

These Victor Reinz head gaskets build on good OE gaskets to make great gaskets.  A few examples of the additional values built into a Victor Reinz head gasket are the additional layer on a 6.4L engine.  The OE manufacture utilizes a four layer gasket design.  The newest release introduces a gasket that has one additional layer bringing the total layers in the gasket to five layers.  In addition to the fifth layer the gasket is coated with proprietary fluoroelastomer coating.  Lastly the gasket utilizes patented integrated push rod locators reducing the likely hood of installation damage to the gasket. 

OE style Embossment

Gasket quality is determined by many factors.  One of the leading causes for gasket failure is inferior products.  No amount of savings on a gasket can offset the cost of a second repair.  Highway and Heavy Parts uses OE quality or better gaskets only.  This standard is evident in the new release of the Duramax rocker cover gasket. 
OE Duramax diesel rocker cover gaskets utilize a rubber coated single-layer stainless steel with embossment which concentrates the sealing load to prevent leaks.  Many replacement gaskets are built without embossment and are made of simple graphite.  Highway and Heavy Parts new rocker cover gasket has OE form, fit and function.

Sealing the Deal

In addition to the Black Diamond, 5-Layer Multi-Layered Steel Head Gasket and OE Style Embossment Highway and Heavy Parts has added other sealing and selling features.  The patented WaveStopper design head gasket features concentric waves around the combustion chamber allowing the head gasket to adapt to varying loads and pressures.  Newly introduced Master Sets includes all the needed gaskets and seals compared to OE parts that sell the parts separately. 

For more information on these products or any other diesel parts from Highway and Heavy Parts (HHP). Please visit www.highwayandheavyparts.com or cal 844-304-7688.