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When it comes to running a highly profitable diesel engine repair shop, staying one step ahead of your competition is critical to success. With profit margins shrinking and customer demands becoming more and more complex, vendors are constantly searching for ways to cut costs and streamline operations, all without having to sacrifice the quality of their service. Though this has proved to be a difficult task for a lot of repair shops, many are discovering that making the switch from OEM parts to remanufactured components may be the answer, and Highway and Heavy Parts (HHP) is helping them do that.  


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Why Should I Order a Remanufactured Injector?

One particular part that HHP provides that has helped repair shops increase profits has been remanufactured fuel injectors. Many engine manufacturers will guarantee fuel injectors on new pieces of equipment, but what about when one needs to be replaced on an engine thats out-of-warranty?

One option is to simply order a reconditioned part from the original manufacturer, add a small mark-up, and make a small profit. Anothermore intelligentoption is to order a remanufactured injector (with a better warranty) that meets all the specifications of your engine at half the price of the OEM. By choosing this option, you have the flexibility to lower your end-user price below the competition, market your services as the more cost-effective option, and still make a significant profitall without sacrificing quality.

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HHPs Remanufactured Injectors Compared to the Competition

HHP offers a wide range of remanufactured fuel injectors that cover many of the major diesel engine manufacturers on the market today. From CAT and Cummins, to Detroit Diesel and Navistar, our extensive catalog of parts includes injectors that meet the specifications of virtually any diesel engine model ever released.  

HHPs goal is to provide customers with after-market parts that possess the same level of reliability and dependability that you would expect from a brand new component. As a result, all of the fuel injectors that we carry arent just rebuilttheyre remanufactured. It's important to note that the solenoid is new every time. If the solenoid fails, the injector fails. Many rebuilders dont install new every time because it jumps up the sell price. The problem with this is that a solenoid either tests good or bad. It may be good when it is assembled, but fail a week after it's installed. There is no way to know how long it will last. 

Heres what HHP puts new into every injector:


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In addition to their high performance, all remanufactured fuel injectors come with a same-as-new warranty. In many instances, HHPs warranties exceed those of the original manufacturer, so you can be sure youre getting the best possible value on the market.

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Can HHP Help with My Engine? 

Some of the engine models covered by HHP are:

C10 / C12: 1165414, 1165425, 1165426, 1372500, 1470373, 1561011, 1602303, 1611785, 1945083, 2123462, 2123463, 2123464, 2123465, 2123466, 0R4987, 0R4988, 0R8773, 10R0725, 10R0961, 10R0963, 10R0967, 10R0968

3406E: 1022014, 1026230, 1026236, 1034562, 1095038, 1170481, 1170482, 1171146, 1171148, 1187929, 1188010, 1189027, 1189030, 1189035, 1523680, 1592479, 1592631, 1761145, 1913002, 1913003, 1913004, 21113022, 2113023, 2113024, 2113027, 0R4118, 0R4119, 0R4300, 0R4668, 0R4893, 0R4894, OR4895, 0R9256, 0R9257, 10R0956, 10R0957, 10R0958, 10R2780, 10R2781, 10R2782, 10R8501, 10R8502


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Originally Posted October 22, 2013; Edited January 24, 2020