A worn camshaft can reduce power as much as 20% when compared to the efficiency of a new or remanufactured camshaft.

Remanufacturing or replacement will restore the original lift profile of a camshaft, delivering like new performance.

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The Difference

The Difference

  • Our remanufactured camshafts are re-ground to retain their original crown, profile, timing, lift and base circle run out.
  • The crown of the camshaft is not visible to the naked eye; however most modern production camshafts have a center crown.
  • Without specialized and expensive equipment most “rebuilders” polish the crown out of the camshaft.
  • The crown creates the centralized loading to the center of the camshaft. Since all camshafts are their weakest at the edges, maintaining the load to the center of the camshaft extends the life and results in proper operation.
  • Chrome plating is a vital part of the repair process. Chrome plating adds hardness, resists abrasion and reduces friction, which increases engine RPMs and horsepower. The chrome plating process means longer life for journals and bearing surfaces.
  • Critical dimensions are checked and rechecked. Any camshaft not conforming to specification is reworked or rejected.
The Difference

Remanufacturing is an inexpensive part of the engine rebuilding process. A remanufactured camshaft can provide higher horsepower, better fuel mileage and result in smoother idling and perfect timing.

The Value

  • In stock and ready for same day shipment on the most popular parts.
  • Product warranty is better than OE warranty in many applications.
  • Savings – many camshafts are half price of new.
  • Superior performance, durability, and reliability.
The Difference

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