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New, Remanufactured, & CHRA/Cartridge available

Highway and Heavy Parts sells turbos and turbochargers for Caterpillar, International, Navistar, and Waukesha, Mack, Volvo, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Pickup trucks, passenger cars, construction, industrial, agricultural, marine, oilfield and anything else that may use a turbocharger. All turbos carry one year warranty

Remanufactured Turbos

Remanufactured Turbos

The complexity of turbos have increased every year due to the demands of efficiency, horsepower and emissions. Many will boast their “rock bottom price”, but do they address the technology changes?

Today’s turbos have rotational speeds in excess of 250,000 rotations per minute. The components require tolerances less than 4 microns – the same size as a particle of dust or 17 times smaller than a human hair! While you might be tempted by the “rock bottom prices”, the implications to an engine’s performance and fuel economy might be damaging.

Direct Purchase

Most engine manufacturers do not manufacture the turbo, they buy them. Direct purchase allows Highway and Heavy Parts to buy from the same supplier as the engine manufacturer. This purchasing relationship allows us to supply the same new replacement turbos at a better price.

CHRA / Cartridges

Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) / Cartridges are a very commonly over looked repair option. A CHRA / Cartridge is a complete turbo minus the actuator, compressor housing and the turbine housing.

The three parts not included with the CHRA / Cartridge are traditionally reusable pieces. This allows for a greater savings when having to replace a turbocharger.

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