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The liners or bores of an internal combustion engine must be sealed tightly to form the combustion chambers. Cylinder heads cover the top of the cylinder, enclosing the combustion space. 

Cylinder heads are a major component in building horsepower because fuel, air, and exhaust flow through them.

Built to meet your engine’s demands HHP Cylinder Heads and Valves seal in the pressures of combustion, circulate coolant to maintain proper operating temperatures, and provide superior compression resistance.

The design and material of our cylinder heads withstand the rapid changes of temperature and pressure that take place in the combustion space and the mechanical stress that results from the head being bolted securely to the block. Our cylinder heads are made of heat-resistant alloy cast iron or aluminum alloy.

Cylinder head problem areas:  
  • Cracks in the cylinder heads can occur anywhere, however they will normally occur in the thin areas of the head (between valves and injector) where a great amount of stress occurs. Overheating, adding cold water to hot engines and improper torquing are the most common reason for cracking the head.
  • Distortion - Distortion can be caused by improper torquing of cylinder heads or overheated engines.
  • Burning or corrosion can be caused by a blown head gasket or improper head installation.



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